PC World blues - where do I stand with my laptop?

  reverendbingo 20:07 03 Oct 2007

Hi there. I purchased a laptop (£700) from PC World last November and a few weeks back it stopped working. By this I mean I can switch on, the power light comes on, but then nothing. Can't even get into the bios. Anyway, as it's within warranty, I call PC World tech guys. They tell me that it will take 1 week to collect it. That's right, 1 WEEK! I tell them ok and a week later it is picked up. Another week goes by and I don't hear back from them. I called yesterday and they tell me it is still waiting to be seen to 'due to a back log' but it could take up to 28 days. By this, I am fuming as the original guy said that it would only take a few weeks max. I phone PC World customer services today, who tell me it could actually take 6 weeks!! The lady claimed there is nothing I can do. In six weeks time, I'll be coming to the end of my warranty, which means if they don't fix it properly, I would have a leg to stand on.

They refuse to call customers to give progress. The tech guys tell me that the first contact will be when parceline deliver the 'fixed' laptop (and they won't notify me of this). Therefore, I have to sit back and wait for up to 6 weeks. Please tell me I can do something about this? This is pathetic, no?

  interzone55 20:38 03 Oct 2007

I can't believe they can have such a long backlog that repairs take six weeks, when i worked in a PC service centre any delay over two or three DAYS wasn't tolerated unless special parts weren't available.

You're OK with regard to the warranty though, as you reported the fault within the 12 months, if they try to claim otherwise report the idiots to trading standards.

  reverendbingo 21:13 03 Oct 2007

Hi Alan14. Thanks for your reply. Problem is, I can't really wait 6 weeks, yet they say there is nothing they can do to speed it up. They always qupte 6 weeks due to parts.

Has anyone been in this situation with PC World and is it wise to go into one of the stores and kick up a fuss?


  Dizzy Bob 22:20 03 Oct 2007


If the laptop is in its 1st year warranty, PC World policy is to cap the repair at 28 days, ie if the repair takes longer than 28 days, it will be replaced.

If the service centre are stating that it will take longer than this, ask them for a '28 day rule' exchange authority.

Your local store can also track the progress of the repair through the 'Garage / Evoke' system

If needs be, ask to speak to the duty manager, be calm and polite, and state the facts.

Hopefully this will help.



  spuds 23:43 03 Oct 2007

Dizzy Bob is 100% on what he as stated, and I would suggest the polite approach first as suggested by Dizzy Bob with a duty manager. Check your PCW documents about the 28 day rule, you will find this correct.The only problem is that you may find a possible replacement is different to the one you had, but it must be 'equivalent to or better than', not a lower specification laptop. You may also find that (at the managers discretion) a higher specification laptop is offered as a gesture of goodwill,perhaps with a cash adjustment, alternatively PCW vouchers to the original cost value. Remember to keep records of any conversations and possibly named persons.

Think also in terms that any data on your original laptops hard-drive may be lost!.

As a last and final resort, if everything else fails, and you seriously think that you have been given no help or wrong advice from PC Worlds customer services or PCW staff, then try this person Keith Jones MD, Customer Services Dept, PCW, 2 Nunnery Square, Parkway, Sheffield, S2 5DD. He might help!. Alternatively click here

  Forum Editor 23:51 03 Oct 2007

the 'calm and polite' recommendation, but would add 'firm' to the mix.

The law states that any repair must be completed within a "reasonable" time, but it doesn't define 'reasonable' in this context, and for good reason - each case must be taken on its merits.

My opinion is that 28 days is reasonable, and I'm fairly sure that a court would agree. Six weeks may seem unreasonable to you, and indeed it may be, but to find out if a court would think the same way you would have to take legal action, and that in itself might take as long.

Pursue the course recommended by Dizzy Bob, it's the one most likely to yield results in this case.

  The 12th Man 10:33 04 Oct 2007

.. the repair is guaranteed for 90 days from when you sign for the laptop. Now what this means is that you are covered for the same fault. I'm guessing it was the main baord that was causing the issue (you'll find out on the report) so if the mainboard becomes faulty again before the 90 day limit, you can get it fixed for free, even if it is outside the initial 12 month warranty. If, for example, you get a hard drive issue, that would notbe covered outside the 1 year warranty as it is a brand new fault. PLease feel free to email me (use the yellow envelope) if you have any questions regaurding what you are and are not entitled to.

P.S. There is a small backlog at the workshop but normally it takes about 7 - 10 working days to repair a laptop.

P.P.S Good luck. I hope you get yours back soon.

  reverendbingo 12:32 04 Oct 2007

Hi all.

Thank you all so much for your help. This has made me feel so much better. I am going to wait until the 28 days are up and if I haven't heard from anyone, I will head down to the store, following the advice given.

I will post with feedback.

Thanks again!

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