PC World - any advice for getting my money back?

  onemoredub 20:08 08 Dec 2008

I purchased a reconditioned pc from pc world. Within a week of delivery it developed a fault. and would not work. I contacted customer services who said that i needed the recovery disks which they sent me, approx 2 weeks later. This did not solve the problem, so i called customer services again and eventually managed to get a technician to come out. He fixed the problem for one day after which the computer promptly crashed and will not restart and will not reboot with the recovery disks. I contacted pc world whose own terms and conditions of sale stated that if a fault occured within 28 days i would be entitled to a full refund or replacement. However, despite several complaint letters, they are refusing either stating that the fault is software related and it is not their problem as software is not included in the warranty. They say that i will have to pay them to have it fixed! I have had the pc for 3 months now and have had approx 6 days total use. The computer is faulty but pc world will not refund me or replace it. They have £300 of my money and i have a unuseable computer. Has anyone had a similar experience and been successful, or can anyone help me to get my money back? I just want rid of the computer now so that i can buy a new one.

  brindly 20:28 08 Dec 2008

If you paid with a credit card contact them you should be covered for this sort of thing and let the credit card company fight on your behalf. Failing that you should invoke the sale of goods act, check it out on the internet, if you can't do that go to your local library they will have books on it or go to the CAB.

Good luck

  curofone 20:47 08 Dec 2008

Well personally i do not really agree with the advise above seems a strange way of going about get your money back.

With only knowing so little about the problem it might be hard to help but i will have ago, if the problem truely is software and it is software that you have installed on the pc then i think you will struggle to get your money back, but i very much doubt that it is software, from experiece i know that DSGi recon machines tend to be useless and a lot of the time DOA.

Although i do not agree with the previous person about going to the credit card company they are right on the sales of good act. SoGA does state that a product brought must be fit for purpose, satisfactory quality and last a resonable amount of time and if what you are saying is true then i would say that none of these are true and therefore i would ring up customer services number and point this out. Also i belive in the first 6 month of a products life it up to the seller (ie pcworld) to prove that it is all of these things and therefore if they tell you something stupid like get an idependent report point this out to them.

Normally if you start quoting the SoGA (correctly) to their customer services they know they are beaten and therefore will normally come to some agreement, ie to fix the machine properly or vouchers for a new one but i have to say you might struggle to get your money as again the SoGA also states you can only demand your money back in resonable amount of time, that time is not specified by law but it might have already passed.

  jolorna 20:47 08 Dec 2008

when i got a reconditioned one from pc world online, who sent the wrong one it stated only 14 days to get a refund, in a shop you have 28 days to exchange or get a refund, but they don't do the recon in a shop

  oresome 20:52 08 Dec 2008

PC World are possibly basing there assumptions on what their technician found when he visited.

Have you any detail as to what problem he found?

  john bunyan 22:18 08 Dec 2008

onemoredub. On the face of it, the goods (albeit recon) are faulty and must be replaced or your money refunded. Suggest you try to find a local expert to certify goods are faulty (mabe a local repair shop?) Write a note to give to manager of PC World clearly stating that under the Sale of Goods Act the gooda are not satisfactory and you require a replacement or a refund. You may have to enforce the issue in the Small Claims Court - not too difficult! Talk to local Trading Standards for advice.
All this assumes the PC is indeed inherently faulty.

  curofone 22:36 08 Dec 2008

"Suggest you try to find a local expert to certify goods are faulty" - The OP does not have to do this according to the sales of good act the seller has to prove the item is not faulty the customer does not have to prove that it is, if it was older than 6 months than an idependent report would be the correct way to go but the OP stated the machine is only 3 months old

  john bunyan 08:43 09 Dec 2008

curofone. I agree, but sellers of PC's and peripherals sometimes (correctly) find that the buyer has not installed the software correctly. This is why I think if you have an awkward seller, an outside opinion is useful. You are quite right if the goods are faulty, of course.

  spuds 13:02 09 Dec 2008

I think that your argument will be based on the technician's visit, and what was done for you to have only one days usage, after that visit.

What did the technician actually do to the computer, to make it work?.

  Geronimo. 13:34 09 Dec 2008


I really hate to dissapoint you but thats a company i will NEVER usae again PERIOD!!

i bought a high end speaker system of them some time ago, & when i got home i was horrified to find out that the system was in fact a "Returned one" And that they was the power lead & something else missing, i contacted them & they told me that there is a sticker on the box indicating its a returned item i looked and wasnt very amused to find the sticker on the BOTTOM as in underneath the box!!! Grr a place no one looks, i argued the case & got no ware even though i paid the FULL price, i got a almost zero reply from customer services so i had to trek into the shop which is littraly milles away from where i lived, i got a pathetic £5. back..i told the manager i would never use them again & his reply..." no problem sir"...terrible attitude to have...i wish you luck...

  wee eddie 14:27 09 Dec 2008

Ring your local PC World to get a Name and e-mail Address of the member of Staff assigned to deal with such matters.

Mail that person (and Head Office) with a factual report on what has happened, keep it free of conjecture.

Finish with the statement that if they have not responded, satisfactorily, within 28 days you will be approaching the Local Smalls Claims Court with a report, prepared by a local specialist, which will be charged to them if the Case goes in your favour.

Others will be able to add to this. There is a phrase to use, "without xxxx" but the wording escapes me at the present.

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