PC World - Another dissatisfied customer

  RayProud 19:59 22 Jan 2004

It's a pity I never read through this forum before placing an order with PC World on-line for Logitech Z3 speakers last Saturday. Having seen the on-line price of £80 I was amazed to see them in the Stockport branch for £100. When I asked an assistant why they were £20 more from the same company he explained that the on-line company were independent of the high-street store who had higher overheads - hence the price difference.

So, I returned home and placed my order on PC World's web site. Big mistake! Although the speakers were shown to be in stock my order status is still shown as "Order Received". I phoned them last night and again tonight but was kept on hold with no indication of what position I was in the queue. I rang off and sent them an e-mail last night asking for an update on my order.

Came home tonight and nothing at all from them so I sent them an e-mail and cancelled the order. That was that I thought.

Then I opened my credit card statement which co-incidentally arrived today and what do I find but a debit for the speakers dated last Saturday - the day I placed the order! I didn't think companies could debit your card until they had sent the goods. Certainly Dabs don't.

I've contacted my credit card company tonight asking for a refund and I'm waiting for them to return my call. I can't believe PC World can run such a inefficient service. They have lost this customer and after reading this perhaps others too.

  Forum Editor 20:15 22 Jan 2004

what it is you're complaining about here. There's nothing to stop the company from charging your card before goods are despatched - in fact I would certainly do it if I was in their shoes. Why should an online business send goods to a total stranger unless the money has changed hands?

The company has certainly been inefficient in not responding to your email, but that's about it isn't it? It's entirely possible that the goods have already been despatched - it has only been four working days since you placed the order after all. Your card company will want to know why you're asking for a refund I imagine, and in view of the short time between order date and today they may well feel that you haven't given PC World sufficient time to fulfil the order.

I have no idea what they'll say, and I hope this works out to your satisfaction, but if I was in your shoes I would certainly be waiting a little longer, and I can't imagine anyone else deciding not to use PC World online on the basis of what you've said here.

  RayProud 20:37 22 Jan 2004

I would expect a company to check that my card was valid but NOT to take payment until the goods were about to be dispatched. That's what my main complaint is about.

The fact that I can't get through to their help line is very frustrating and their inability to answer my e-mail just made things worse.

I doubt the goods have been despatched because they state an e-mail will be sent advising me. Perhaps the "in stock" message is incorrect but until I can communicate with someone there's no way to find out.

If mine was the only message on these boards then I might have waited a ittle longer but as things stand I'm left feeling the company is completely inefficient.

  wee eddie 20:54 22 Jan 2004

You will find a similar posting for almost every company that deals on line.

Most of us accept that there is a short period, a second, ten minutes, an hour, before the web site alters the stock position. After all an order has to be confirmed and the card verified before the item can be removed from stock.

The companies deal with between, hundreds and thousands of movements each day, to immediately respond to your, or anyone else's question would severely dent their competitive edge. I assume that their price was one of the reasons that you decided to buy on.

Give them a little time to get the show on the road.

  josie mayhem 20:56 22 Jan 2004

I know what you mean, I'm going to hold out for my order.

It seems at the moment its taking about 3 weeks, for orders to be despatched, due to back log over christmas and new year.

I can agree with you, that they should wait untill just before they dispatch the order before debiting credit cards, lets say when your turn comes up for pickiing and packing, they then debit your card, and if this goes through then your order is dispatched.

I've made one e-mail and two phone calls (2nd phone call concerning the reply e-mailed to me) I found that I had a max, wait of 10 mins, at two different time of the day.

The first person I spoke to left me angery, disheartened, and nowhere near an answer.

But the second person I spoke to, was as helpful as he could be, very polite and did sound interested, explained situlation, and said calculating time waited, delay expected, I should hopefully recieve my order by mid/end of next week. But made no promises. But I did feel better and that he had tried his best with the inforamtion he had, to answer my querry. Thats what I call customer service, communication.

  RayProud 21:05 22 Jan 2004

Josie / Wee Eddie,

I accept I've not been as patient as I could have been and to a degree I have been influenced by the other negative postings on this forum.

I'll try phoning them again tomorrow evening if I haven't heard from them. Maybe I'll get lucky and get the sympathetic rep!

I bought from them because of the £20 difference but once you take the phone calls and general disruption into account maybe it would have been wiser to buy them in the local store.

Never too old to live and learn!

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