PC World "up to 50%" discount November 25.

  Modo 12:30 24 Nov 2004

The above offer is being advertised in the press today without any detail of what it really means.

Anybody any clues?

My natural cynicism says it is an attempt to grab attention on the very important November pay day and distract attention from Aldi's offer on the Medion that launches at 09.00 on the same day.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:41 24 Nov 2004

Why not go in and see. They do have quite a few offers that are as cheap if not cheaper (esp. when you take postage into account)


  spuds 12:46 24 Nov 2004

Visited a PCW store yesterday afternoon, no mention of this offer any where around the store. Store not to far from me, so a possible visit later. But I have found in the past that these special offers have usually sold out, when I try to get them :o(.

  MungoJerry 16:14 24 Nov 2004

upto 50% discount does seem a large discount but i have noticed that it does not say off what it so 50% off floppy disks for example is not a big saving, it also states that this is available though the website pcworld.co.uk but having just been there to check this deal out I can find no mention of it.... ok have just found 2 things offered at 50% off a brother printer and Norton 2005

what does seem strange of the two papers i have read today one offers this 50% off for tomorrow only the other one has no mention of it but it does state 20% off their monitors, so i think it is safe to assume that the 50% off is not going to be on any big items...

are they just trying to get us to walk into the store and hope we see something we like that is not discounted and will spend our money with them, or are the guys on one desk who put their advert with The Sun not talking to the guy on the next desk over who is talking to the Express, and no one talking to the website guys?

It may be a valid offer, but i find it worrying that the store staff does not seem to know what is happening,

only time i suppose can tell, but it does seem intresting that they are clearly not saying in the adverts what these items that have 50% off are, last time i remember a "large" company where offering a discount along these lines it was followed shortly by a closing down sale as they had not been getting the footfall thuoght the store and they where trying to get some money flow in to try to shore them up? (opps i will be classed as a scare monger now) I mean its not january so we are not having the January sales if we are then chrismas was cheap this year and i hope my mum is happy with the persent i bought her i.

  MungoJerry 16:15 24 Nov 2004

present i meant not persent, dsylexica is a great excuss for all my problems lol

  €dstowe 16:45 24 Nov 2004

Note the "up to" so, it's not any better, and potentially worse, than buy-one-get-one-free that you see in most supermarkets.

I doubt if the offer is for anything either up to date and/or high value.

  TrustNoone 18:53 24 Nov 2004

What does the team think of this? click here

  oresome 19:12 24 Nov 2004

I think all retailers are getting anxious this year and are trying to capture the christmas trade early.

A lot of money has been taken out of the economy recently by rising interest rates, fuel increases and home heating costs. Retailers can see their growth rates stalling.

  Modo 19:16 24 Nov 2004

Thanks TrustNoone, especially ....!

The offers don't look any better than they had last weekend - especially as they were then offering 10% discount on all products, at trigger points of £500, £1,000 & £1,500.

This looks very similair to Aldi's Medion product

click here

It has bigger hard drive and more memory - which is the weakness with the Medion.

But otherwise it looks like the same product - nearly £300 more expensive.

  STREETWORK 20:40 24 Nov 2004

If they can afford to knock up to 50% off, why can they not afford to replace my monitor which failed after 15 months limited use???

  oresome 18:28 25 Nov 2004

Passed a PCW store this morning. It was hardly bursting at the seams, but is open until midnight in anticipation.

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