Pc World £395 Lap tops: Are they any good?

  eh? 23:28 09 Apr 2007

Am looking for a laptop, not for gaming or video editing or the like, just the usual word processing and surfing. Pc World are doing a laptop for £395
Does anyone have any opinions on this please?
Many thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:11 10 Apr 2007

Compaqs are excellent and you can buy it and have it up and running 30 mins after you arrive home. Don't accept their extended warranty, Internet security suite, printer, laptop bag or surge protector.

  eh? 09:46 10 Apr 2007

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> !
Am off to the shops now then....!

  spuds 11:58 10 Apr 2007

Is this the one on voucher discount offer, which finishes today, before the price increases?.

  Superstylin 14:00 13 Apr 2007

pcworld will be very unhappy if you take gandalfs good advice and ignore their efforts to sell you extras. as an ex employee i know the only reason these low price offers exist is so they can bump up their margin with accessories they try and palm off on their customers!

  wee eddie 14:22 13 Apr 2007

All Shoe shops offer polish, Dress shops offer matching accessories, Tobacconists offer matches.

You don't have to accept the offer.

Of course the worst are the Travel/Holiday Shops, Insurance, Fuel Surcharge, Airport Tax, and all that after you have agreed to buy the Flight or Holiday.

PC World are no worse,or better, than any other Retailer. In my Coffee House, my Staff always offered jam to anyone that ordered a Scone. Is that unreasonable?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:08 13 Apr 2007

'i know the only reason these low price offers exist is so they can bump up their margin with accessories they try and palm off on their customers! and I thought that shops were Gentleman's Clubs. Next thing is that they will try to make profits...shameful.


  eh? 08:40 14 Apr 2007

ummm, well as I am only interested in the laptop and can be quite dogmatic (when I want to be!) I will only walk away with that. But I suppose it is their job to ask if you need anything else. Even my Bank ask me if they can do anything else for me! Lol!

  RonB 14:48 14 Apr 2007

If you want a laptop. You want 1 with Vista and make sure you get the premium NOT basic version!!! Basic has no media capabilities!! You really need 1 meg of RAM and a Dual core processor is preferable--Vista needs the 2nd core to speed up the new shiny interface. Machines that say Vista compatible may ONLY BE VISTA BASIC Compatible so be wary of buying an xp with an upgrade offer (which you may have to pay something for ,I've seen charges from £4 to £36 for the "FREE" upgrade shipping costs!!)Look at the rating of the machine ratings like 3.1 and 3.4 are usual . The number is limited by the lowest performing component in the system. The rating test can be run on the machine from control panel. PS I saw a really good advert in TESCO direct catalogue of all places 2 weeks ago. I have recently bought a Dell 640M and am quite happy with that. it has software issues but that is down to ROXIO mainly and the antivirus developers to sort out. Roxio does have a fix and others will fix in time . Overall VISTA looks pretty good. Transitioning fro XP is pretty easy and much software that is unyet specified VISTA ready will run anyway. I've tried allsorts of apps and games! Hope this is useful

  lukealexander 19:51 14 Apr 2007

I see no reason why the original poster needs VISTA to accomplish what he wants to do. Any laptop with Vista in that price range will be severely underpowered and probably equipped with Home Basic version. XP is definitely the way to go in this price segment.

  Belatucadrus 22:10 15 Apr 2007

I agree with lukealexander, with Vistas higher system requirements and the fact that there are still unresolved soft and hardware compatibility issues XP is the better bet for a laptop at the moment.

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