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  Gamer555 16:41 22 Oct 2007

I was in PC world today just browsing and was horrified by what I saw! lol.

A man was in there buying a gaming PC for £1629. It came with a 22" LCD monitor but the graphics card was only an 8800gts 320mb. Surely this card won't play brilliantly with a 22inch monitor! It had 2gb's of RAM and a Quad core Q6600 processor. The salesman in there was saying to him that it is a top of the range gaming PC! It's good but can't be worth £1629 can it??? This goes to show what a rip-off PC World are doesnt it! I felt like saying something to the customer, like that he can buy the same spec PC £600 cheaper online! But I suppose it's his decision in the end.

  Taff™ 16:52 22 Oct 2007

"But I suppose it's his decision in the end" - it sure is! We must remember that PC World are retailers and as we know some of their staff aren`t as expert as some of the regulars here. It`s nothing to do with ripping people off, you`ll always find something cheaper elsewhere as soon as you buy it.

I buy from PC World and recommend some of my friends to do so when I can`t find what they want cheaper elsewhere. The staff in my local store are very knowledgable and certainly don`t mislead customers. (I wouldn`t know if the graphics card in this instance was up to the mark)

I`m sure the customer in question is very happy with his purchase and if he has any problems he can certainly return to the store to get it sorted out, even if it means upgrading some component. It`s not that easy online is it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:02 22 Oct 2007

If customers are too stupid to do a bit of research first, then they deserve all they get. Mind you the PC is water cooled if that makes any difference.


  pj123 19:38 22 Oct 2007

I wouldn't buy anything from PC World.

  donki 20:36 22 Oct 2007

I personally dont buy much from PC World unless on offer. I find their staff rude, unintrested and untrained in my personal experience.

The PC in question does seem pretty good, the 320mb version of the 8800 will run everything out at the minute perfectly on full on a 22inch monitor, espcially with that processor behind it. I have the 640mb running on a 21inch monitor with a humble (but may i seevery good 4200 dual core) and it storms through every game I have inc demos of COD4 and Crysis (on DX10), it is very overpriced though. Im sure he will be well impressed with the perfomance of his machine. I doubt if over half of the users on this forum have a PC spec above it. Alot of people arent confident buying from online retailers so PC World is the next best thing if they have the cash.

  [email protected] 22:31 22 Oct 2007

i had one 320 mb 8800gts running 2 21" tft's no probs, all games med/ high on...... vista..

  Totally-braindead 23:28 22 Oct 2007

I think its a bit pricey but it is a gamers PC as far as I can see. I can't agree with the horror you feel over the graphics card, if it was a 7600GS then I could see your point but the card is a good gaming card. Though I must admit for this sort of money I would be expecting a bit more.

  ajm 09:19 23 Oct 2007

"I personally dont buy much from PC World unless on offer. I find their staff rude, unintrested and untrained in my personal experience."

Yes, thats typical to get it from any major retailer. There is always a bad one here and there, even more so if the customer is rude and shouting at the staff.

My local PC World's staff are really really good adn will go out of theri wat to assist the customers. The FE can 100% vouch for that as we have met a few times in that store in passing by

  silverous 09:31 23 Oct 2007

Maybe they did and decided they'd rather pay a premium to buy it from a local retailer assuming that they'd get a better service and can go in and bark at someone if something goes wrong. Not everyone is comfortable with buying computers online, that doesn't make them stupid.

  donki 10:21 23 Oct 2007

Its good to hear that they arent all the same, I did say it was just my experience. They should be helpful and well trained because a PC is now a must have in most if not every household and they dont come cheap. Il have to visit your local. :)

  HondaMan 11:21 23 Oct 2007

You may be an experienced user and a long-time member of this board but to call someone "stupid" without knowing the first thing about them is IMHO "stupid"

Comments such as yours help no-one and merely show your own intollerance of those less well "advantaged" than you!

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