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  beb 10:49 13 Jan 2004

Having just had the blueyonder 2mb broadband installed , no probs with that , its so fast unbeliveble , decided to hook up my sons pc via the same connection went to pc world for rooter network card etc seems to me they have no interest it what the customer wants they just want to sell you the most expensive item on the shelf ie wireless , at £150 , sales man assured me this was the best option , well tryed a few other shops before making my mind up , comet in the end sales staff were very helpful £62 although not wireless , done the job not had any probs , and easy to install . Think ill pass on pc world from now on .

  terminus 11:11 13 Jan 2004

I think it's what they call consumer choice.
If price was your major consideration a basic router can be purchased at less than £30.00. ;-))


  wags 11:49 13 Jan 2004

PC World are fine IMHO if you know what you want. I've just visited PC World today and got a great deal on Fuji photo paper at half price, so if you 'pass on pc World from now on' you may miss out on some tasty bargains !!

  jerichobob 12:20 13 Jan 2004

wags got it right. Know what you want before going into PC World. There are some great deals in there but it's like anything else - shop around.

Only real problem I've had with them is that they never seem to have anything that I want in stock and can never tell me when it's coming in.

An alternative to them for some things is Office World - from whom I've just bought my new computer desk.

  thisisnighthawk 12:22 13 Jan 2004

always worth going in to have a look, they had on the shelf packets of Pressit 30 high resolution cd labels and the price...7 pence a packet..i thought it was a case of, you can not get the staff...even at £7 they would be cheap, so i ask the kid, so he scanned one, and said, it does say 7p...so i took 12 and hurried through checkout.. so keep your eye out...

  Sir Radfordin 12:40 13 Jan 2004

And the key word in all of this is SELL. The people in PCW are employed to SELL the companies products. Selling is all about getting people to buy things they don't want...or need. In this case the guy failed as he should've seen he wasn't going to sell you the wireless option so should've moved onto his next most profitable range.

Thats business and nothing wrong in it.

  Flaco 16:45 13 Jan 2004

Whenever you're in the market for something specific, and you're not just shopping speculatively, it's got to be worth web-trawling first. If nothing else, you'll prepare yourself with info before venturing.

I'd second what the folk have said, though. It's always worth nipping in to what little gems might be lying around on special offer, end of lines, etc. Pick up a fair number of bargains doing that.

ps - Sir Radfordin: is that the 'old style' sales technique then?

  Forum Editor 17:36 13 Jan 2004

that the sales of wireless routers have increased by leaps and bounds of the past six months or so. During that period I've installed 9 routers for private clients, and every single one of them has been the wireless variety. Ethernet networks and private houses tend not to mix too well - all that cabling is non too pretty, and can take hours to run whereas a wireless router and wireless network cards for three or four computers can be set up and running in about an hour and a half tops.

Add to that the sheer convenience of being able to use a laptop in any room in the house, with no cables involved at all, and you have the reason for the sudden popularity of wireless technology staring you in the face.

None of that is in any way an attempt to justify an apparent inability to think on the fly on the part of the PCW staff member concerned, just an explanation for why it might have been assumed you wanted to go the wireless route. The most expensive item in a range of products is very often not the most profitable for the shop either.

  tenplus1 18:51 13 Jan 2004

It's true that some stores do try and sell you the easiest kit but usually it turns out to be the most expensive...

If you just want to connect your son's PC to the internet as well see if he has a LAN socket in the back of his PC... If so buy yourself a cheap £5 lan card for your PC and a cable (10m=£10 usually) and connect them that way...

This will allow fast access to the internet, printer, hard-drives and more form your son's PC and doesnt require any additional plugs etc.

  spuds 12:16 14 Jan 2004

Have you ever tried asking PC World staff about their own brand compatibles. I asked once,and I was told in rather rudely tone "What's it say on the box" Saleman didn't need a sale there!.

I still cannot understand why some printer manufacturers still supply 'lite' cartridges, when it would only cost a few more pence for the ink content.Surely manufacturing costs would be about the same.

  Sprawlsy 12:32 14 Jan 2004

Thought I'd add my experience of PC World in too. I wanted a cheap & cheerful monitor to replace an old one which did have high resolution. Having shopped around the major high street players I was quoted £99 for 17" CRT E-Machines monitor from PC World. The next day when I went back to get it I double checked the price with an assistant and was quoted £79. When the barcode was scanned at the till the chap said £99, I said I had been quoted £79 - he put through a £20 discount no questions asked!

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