PC World + £1000

  bta1 20:34 04 Oct 2005

i have come across (throuhg a very long process involving the courts) with a £1000 supercheque for PC World.
I can't spend it any where else, or i wouldn't be having this problem. So my quesiton is, what would be the best deal to get? I have to use it by January, and the last time i brought i computer it was three years ago and an 80gig hard drive was considered posh.
My current computer has on board graphics (32mb - rubbish) 512mb ram, 80 gig hard drive and is 2.0 ghz. i have a 17inch normal monitor (don't know the techincal term) and an all in one lexmark 75 printer.
OBviously i want to improve on all of the above, so aynoe any ideas what to do with this windfall?
i only use the computer for work (so word 98 is what i am on.) but games would be nice.
Any ideas welcome.

  Totally-braindead 20:57 04 Oct 2005

Since you have to spend the cash I'd suggest as fast a PC as you can get, and use the extra for a new monitor , perhaps a TFT (flat panel)one (you seem to have a CRT one) or software or a better printer or even a digital camera. Best one I could see on their website was this one click here for value at least then with the £310 left you could get a 17" TFT monitor and a new printer or some software.

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