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  EFC1878 18:25 20 Dec 2006

My daughter who is at univ has a desktop PC but would like to get rid of this and get a laptop instead.

Does anybody know of companies who do trade-ins of an old PC in part ex to reduce the cost of a laptop.

Short of that I will just have to look at selling it separately

  Dizzy Bob 18:57 20 Dec 2006

resell values of second hand IT kit are very low. Even if the machine is fairly new, you are unlikely to get a huge amount for it.

How old is it, and what are the specs, we may be able to give you an idea of resale value (but don't get your hopes up too much!!)


  amonra 19:21 20 Dec 2006

I would stick a notice up in the JCR at uni to see if someone's interested. A dealer would not be very interested unless you were buying a state-of-the-art megabucks laptop.

  sean-278262 07:05 21 Dec 2006

ebay. the gum tree. Donate it to charity if it is a banger. recycle it. local paper. shop notice boards. students are renound for not knowing the value of technology. At my uni a guy is selling a "super powerful P4 desktop" aka it is 4 years old and ancient. They want £400. I can buy a new system for that money.

On a by the way not I got a laptop for just the same reason. I miss the ease of use of the desktop so seriously suggest to your daughter that a laptop is just more likely to be nicked. I lived on campus and found the only use for the laptop was either at home (just as a desktop) or playing games in lectures so basically pointless.

If the desktop is really old suggest replacing it for a new faster one and save the money. Most students look on a laptop as a posh showy item. I only really have it to bring work home and to pass the time when at the airports (but my phone can do that too), but I have a 2Gb pen drive now which I paid less than £20 for and can store all my lectures, notes, photographs I have taken for the course and 2 movies with space to spare. Save the money. Uni is expensive. Best of luck and let us know what happens.


  jack 08:59 21 Dec 2006

Lappies are possessions that others hanker after
Stick to the desk top and the older and more battered the better, if it does the work- that is all one need ask.
For students a bit of WP. Data/Spread sheet minimal web [No downloading cribs] and liberal use of ones own grey matter will stand her in better stead.

  grumpygramp 14:46 22 Dec 2006

I had a working desktop PC to sell. Looked in our local Advertising paper ,to see working models in there for £65 . So gave it away to a grandchild instead.

  dx486 21:42 22 Dec 2006

The 2nd trade in Desktop PC's seems that you can pick up 2 year old pc's for under £200. Laptop on the other hand keep their prices very well and low spec P2's can be had for £50-£150.

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