PC Tools Be Careful

  smiffyrebel22 16:34 18 Oct 2008

I only mention this as PC advisor have some PC Tools utilities on thier DVD. I downloaded Spyware detector from PC tools about 18 months ago, when the subscription came up for renewal I declined, however PC Tools still took the subscroption payment, I did manage however to get this payment refunded, but I found that 2 months later I had 2 payments of £24 charged without authourisation (on the same day) to my credit card, I emailed PC Tools on numerous occasions although they replied they were just trying to pass the buck to someone else. I never got a refund from PC Tools, but have been refunded by Visa while they investigate the matter. I have had to change my card number so this does not happen again. SO BEWARE

  tigertop2 16:50 18 Oct 2008

It is very good software,imho, but their admin set up is pretty inneficient. I have had some problems as they seem unable to reconcile licences which have expired viz a viz licences which are running despite the user's address being the same. I must admit though that they have always apologised promptly and fixed the query. Overall I have been fairly satisfied with the service over almost 3 years now. I dread to think how it might be though once Symantec, who have just bought them up, get their fingers in the admin side..

  Condom 20:05 18 Oct 2008

Instead of installing from the PCA DVD and only getting a one year free licence you can download the individual PC Tools programs free from their site and get it free forever with free updates etc. I also prfer individual programs rather than suites as you seem to get less hassel with them.

  ventanas 21:56 18 Oct 2008

I tried it for a year, absolutely useless, and yes they tried to take a further year from me without permission. But I had changed my credit card in the meantime. They actually admitted they had been unable to collect the payment and required my new details. What I mailed back is unprintable here.

  Covergirl 20:05 19 Oct 2008

. . . and PC Tools AV with a limited free version and a "PayTrial" free version, but other products all appear to be function impaired or 15/45 day trial versions.

Condom - are we talking the same PC Tools here ? i.e3. pctools dot com ?

Any chance of a link ?

Also I cannot find " . . . the individual PC Tools programs free from their site and get it free forever with free updates etc."

Not easily anyway.


  Miros 23:36 19 Oct 2008

PC Tools.
"The trial is time unlimited and removes problems found in 6 sections of the registry only. A registered version is required to remove all detected problems."

Why not try this free advanced window care from Iobit instead.click here

I have used it for a couple of years now with very satisfactory results. The only draw back is that it will keep prompting you to update to a new version quite often. Then removing the old and installing a new version, (all automatically) and at same time if your not careful installing a Yahoo Tool Bar which I always decline.

  Condom 14:13 22 Oct 2008

I have downloaded PC Tools Firewall Plus Ver 4.00.45 which has their new logo of the blue 8 on its side. This is completely free and has automatic updates.

PC Tools Syware Doctor Ver 6.00.386 with new logo and again it automatically updates itself.

PC Tools Anti Virus Ver 5.00.16 again with new logo and offering free updates but you have to update manually, sometimes they have updates daily and sometimes only every day or two and it takes no more than 10 seconds to download them.

PC Tools Threatfire ver with free regular automatic updates which just works in the background and gives you an automatic note once a week telling you what it has found and done.

All of these programs are complete as well as completely free and not time limited. The only slight restriction I have seen is in Spyware Doctor which has only Limited Intelliguard cover but this has never been a problem.

I previously used their older versions and had little difficulty in finding the newer versions on PC Tools' sites but you do have to look for them as they don't exactly wave flags at you saying "I'm here". One hint if you are downloading Spyware Doctor do not ACCEPT the inclusive Anti Spyware offer as you are better off with the separate program. I assure you they are all there on their sites but you do need to look.

I have never had anything other than one or two minor adware problems getting passed my PC Tools programs and they do not seem to slow my PC down like Symantec used to do. Whether their programs are worse or better than others I leave for the professionals to comment on but I have never had any problems either from the UK or from the far east where I spend much of my time and I am on line frequently.

If you like their stuff then it is there for free but what happens after Symantec complete their takeover is anyone's guess.

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