PC from TIME!!

  sihalls 14:36 03 Jul 2003

Time have come up with this computer which looks a great spec at a great price (£699!). However it is time and most would say that time are sh*te but it looks such a great deal.

Please talk me into it or out of it!



Processor : AMD Athlon XP2600+ processor
Memory : 1024mb DDR
Hard Disk : 160Gb hard disk
Motherboard : KT400
Graphics : ATI Radeon 9200SE 256MB graphics
DVD : 16x DVD-ROM Drive
DVD-Writer : DVD / CD Multi-writer
Firewire : 2xFirewire
TV-Out : TV-Out and DVI
Sound : 6 channel built in
Ethernet : 10/100 for networking and ADSL
Operating System : Windows XP Home Edition
USB : 5x USB
Ports : Standard Serial and Parallel
Modem : 56k V92
Case : Full ATX case with 7 drive bays
Keyboard : Multi-media keyboard
Mouse : Logitech wheel mouse
Floppy : 1.44mb

Other Features : ConnectPro Memory Card Reader

  Mike D 14:55 03 Jul 2003

Yes it's Time - so what, they must get the vast majority of their orders correct, otherwise they would not be in business.

You know what to look out for if you read these forums, be prepared not to have a Windows disk etc, etc.

If you go for it , good luck to you.

Mike D

  Time Group - Chris 15:04 03 Jul 2003

Completely unbiased but I'd say buy it!! You'd be mad not to!!

Seriously though, over 95% of our customers are extremely happy with their PCs and would buy from us again. We are the UKs leading manufacturer of PCs selling almost 20,000 a month - that's a lot of happy customers.

Should the worst happen and you do have an issue then you've always got my e-mail to help you get things sorted - [email protected]

Cheers - Chris

  Lú-tzé 16:19 03 Jul 2003

Just remember: £699 plus the cost of delivery and the cost of a system disk with WinXP on it - perhaps another £80 or so.

Just have a look around at what is available - as well as the big players, try Toys'r'us - they often have Cybermaxx (Medion) PCs which are top quality and come with a recovery disk as standard.

  bfoc 16:28 03 Jul 2003

That Time, as you can see, do have an active prescence here. That should count for something.

IMHO those companies who take this forum seriously deserve consideration.

Time generally have good specs at competitive prices, just remember to factor in warranty and support costs if those are important to you.

  Gaz 25 17:39 03 Jul 2003

when I ordered a PC from them for christmas day, problems started.

First of all, saw a great deal:

AMD 2600+ Athlon XP, 512Mb DDR, 120Gb HDD, 128Mb ATi Radeon graphics, 6 Channel sound, etc... Connect Pro, you name it... £899 I think.

Windows XP, but excluded restore disk of extra £199 with support.

Anyway, it arrived, I put it away, for us to open on Christmas day.

We did so, and set it all up, and oh no, the damn thing would not even flicker, the PSU must have been faulty.

So it had to go back, we phoned support to arrange to have it picked up and we ask for a new one. However when we phoned up... We were told to try different leads, dissconecting everything but power and stuff... I had already done this, but I did it again becuase I can understand why that asked, phoned back and could not get back in touch with the same bloke, so then we were told the same again from another bloke, and then he refused to help if I did not do it so I phoned again, this time they said the same again: " Connect this, Dissconnect that" but it still would not work, I told them and said the PC is NOT faulty. Ended up having to phone up and ask to be put though to a technical support manager or something. He then agreed that the PC was faulty, so we then asked for a replacement, he then said NO you cannot have it replaced we will repair it, we did not really want a reapair, but he would not give us a new system at all, they eventually said he would add another stick of memory, if we had it repaired.

I stuck to my guns and refused a faulty system, that could get worse in the future. He would not let us at first refund a system. We then arranged pick-up after a lot of messing about and were promised our phone charges back and the charges for the PC and support, however when it was picked up, we sent our bill and asked for our money back, did not hear anything.

Then we were refunded for the £899 but NOT the call charges nor the extra support costs, even though they taken the support CD, etc with them.

Still not got the money back, and we have been in touch with DTi, but they will NOT refund it.

we phoned and asked to speak to the manager, this lady called karren I think, started insulting us, and saying you are not getting your money back you (SWEAR WORD) and you cannot speak to the manager. Lots of insults and then the phone slammed down.


I would not consider them myself in future, but no insult to Time, you have great prices!!!


  Gaz 25 17:43 03 Jul 2003

Also had problems with support, it is really poor.

On a previous Time system.

I would suggest to Time: Get your support right!!!!

  H-J 17:55 03 Jul 2003

Do you need a screen to go with it? if so, that will be extra as well. how about a reload cd?

  british bulldog 18:00 03 Jul 2003

Unfortunately im one of the 5% that is not a happy customer.The pc itself is not a bad machine when its working.Its just when you get to experience their after care you gotto worry.If they were to sort this out they would be quite a good company.Who knows when i get my machine back tommorow i might be able to say something more positive.Think long and hard about parting with that £700.00+ £200 plus for gold cover warrenty.this brings your phone charges down to 10p per minute as opposed to £1 a min.(wow).

  Gaz 25 18:08 03 Jul 2003

Still theres nothing like a freephone or local rate support line.

  british bulldog 18:15 03 Jul 2003

And how come its always 15 mins + till you get to speak to anyone,Spent 20 mins listening to mozart the other day zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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