PC Specialist Quote differs from amount charged

  DB60 18:29 27 Aug 2009

No problem with the PC but with being charged more than the quotation. I made an order on the same day I received the quotation and understood the quote to be valid for 5 days. The quote was dated 23/02/2009. The amount was £915.00. I made the order and had an additional charge of £19.00 for delivery because of living in the Highlands of Scotland. OK, I accept that, but I was also charged an additional £9.00 for something that PC Specialist will not explain to me. They maintain I wasn't charged that amount and yet my quote of £915 plus £19.00 delivery comes to £934.00. My credit card was charged £943.00. I realise this is a small amount to be creating a fuss about but it's the fact that the company are unwilling to explain why I was charged it. They have now stopped communicating with me and will not answer my emails. I did put it too them that maybe their accounts department made a typing error on the invoice and made it £943 instead of the correct amount of £934.

It's very frustrating when trying to deal with a situation wherby you have been overcharged and yet the company will take no notice of what you are saying. I have sent them a copy of the quote and the invoice which shows this error quite clearly but that has made no difference.
Anyone else had similar problems?

  oresome 18:37 27 Aug 2009

Contact the credit card company and explain the situation.

  DB60 19:17 27 Aug 2009

Thanks for the quick response, just realised it was paid for with Debit Card (they charge extra for Credit Card) so may not get the same cover. Will give it a go though.

  WolframBlitzen 19:58 27 Aug 2009

When you speak to your debit card people, I would say you'll need to provide them with the written quotation before they will even consider doing anything. I could be wrong on that though.

If you can, I would also advise you to go into the shop, if they have one and if you're not so far up in the highlands that's not a reasonable journey for the sake of a tenner, or even call them.

I would recoomend going in over calling or emailing. It's much easier to fob someone off when they are over the phone or on email but not so easy when you are face-to-face with them.

  WolframBlitzen 19:58 27 Aug 2009

sorry for the double-post

I forgot to say: Who was the company? and p[lease let us know how you get on :)

  BRYNIT 20:01 27 Aug 2009

If it should have been £934 and you have been charged £943 it looks as though they have put the 3 and 4 in the wrong order.

  GaT7 21:07 27 Aug 2009

Payment Details click here.

They surcharge of 2% if paying via Credit card, which would've been £18-19 for your £934 total. So if it's not a typo, it's like they charged you 1% for something but not letting on what it's for. Hopefully, it's an honest mistake, but as you say it must be very frustrating & perplexing that they refuse to communicate about it!

WolframBlitzen, the company's PC Specialist (mentioned in the title btw). G

  spuds 22:22 27 Aug 2009

To resolve the issue, send a letter to the debit card company, with a copy of the purchase invoice from PC Specialist, and explain that you are trying to find the reason for the overcharge, because PC Specialist will not communicate with you.

  laurie53 07:42 28 Aug 2009

Don't mess about trying to persuade this company to return what is your money which they have taken without authority.

Make a formal complaint to Trading Standards.

  DB60 08:11 28 Aug 2009

Thanks for all your replies and advice guys, much appreciated. Will let you know the final outcome!

  WolframBlitzen 21:26 29 Aug 2009

Crossbow makes a good point. A lot of places have "I agree to pay [company name] a certain percentage [incert percentage here] for using my card. this will/willnot (depends on the company) affect my total" (or words to that effect. I don't know the eaxct line) on the pin pad. Could it be that?

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