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  Reebode 05:46 04 Feb 2012


I bought a new PC from PC Specialist and up to now I have had nothing but issues with it.

I bought this on the 30th Dec on a credit card, its now the 4th Feb

The PC arrived and after connecting everything I was dismayed to find that it wouldn't boot up. After over an hour onto support checking all components they agreed to take it back to fix.

Got the PC a few days later (1 day after 7 day cooling off period) with no explanation on what the issue was and low and behold its still not working. Opened the case to find the graphics card thumb screws missing and the hard drives unplugged.

Connected everything backup only to get a insert system disk message. re-seated everything and still no joy. I left for about 30 mins and tried again and everything seems to work. Strange but I thought I'll carry on, I sent an email stating all the fault found after they had fixed and QA'd the PC.

Left the PC running and in less than 24 hours the PC has crashed and is saying "insert system disk" again. At this point, after paying £1600 for a computer with intermittent faults I just want to quit and get a refund.

Sent countless emails with screen shots and details saying I just want a refund. Spoken to the helpdesk yesterday and they refused to give me a refund saying its after the 7 days cooling off period. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that none were available to talk to me and I should raise a complaint.

Raised a complaint and the response I got from them is "Your statutory rights do not give you an automatic right to a refund"

Does anyone have any advice?

  iscanut 11:19 04 Feb 2012

System is not fit for purpose. I would not mess about any further and issue a County Court summons.

  spuds 11:31 04 Feb 2012

Your statutory rights http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk (Best to phone them, emails can get lost or not responded to, by this organisation!).

You could also look up your rights via the CAB or MoneyExpert websites.

Because you have paid via a credit card, then get in touch with the provider, and report your concerns and problems. They might or should help under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

  Forum Editor 00:38 05 Feb 2012

"I would not mess about any further and issue a County Court summons."

I hope you don't choose to follow that advice, because it isn't the way to proceed at this stage.

The supplier is correct in stating that your statutory rights do not give you an automatic right to a refund after the 7 day period has expired, but that doesn't mean you can't get anywhere with this.

The supplier is obliged to supply you with a product that is fit for purpose, and from what you say that wasn't the case - the computer didn't work when it arrived. You agreed to the supplier having it back for repair, but that work was not properly carried out; the computer didn't work when it was returned to you.

The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumer Regulations 2002 say that if a product develops a fault within six months of the date of purchase the onus is on the seller to prove that there is no fault. You don't have to prove anything. The seller must either repair the product to your satisfaction, or (if a repair is not a possibility) provide you with a replacement or a refund.

I suggest that you write to the supplier pointing this out, and ask that the computer is repaired or replaced immediately. Court action at this stage is inappropriate.

  morddwyd 09:34 05 Feb 2012

"Opened the case to find the graphics card thumb screws missing and the hard drives unplugged. "

The FE has far more experience in these matters than me, but I would suggest that this simple act has given them the opportunity to opt out of many of their responsibilities.

  hastelloy 10:59 05 Feb 2012

PC Specialist warranty is not affected by opening the case though you would have to show that nothing you did was connected with the problems.

  Reebode 19:08 06 Feb 2012

Thanks for the information :)

Things are not moving too much now, they are saying that they wont provide a refund as they dont believe that there is anything wrong.

The PC is boxed up and has been since the second occurance of the hdd failure. Not going near it so I cant be blamed for anything. This happens after leaving it on for several hours, first time it was between 17 and 24 hours, second less than 12.

Spoken to credit card company today and they have provided some useful information so have kicked that process off now.

It's a shame as I'm sure that this would be a rare occurrence within the company, I'll let you know the outcome.

Opening the case is fine, you need to open the case before you switch the PC on as there is packaging inside to stop components moving during transit.

Thanks again for the information.

  HondaMan 14:20 15 Feb 2012

Any further updates on this?

  Reebode 15:47 15 Feb 2012

Not much I'm afraid.

Still having loads of problems with PC Specialist. I think I am now onto the fifth person that is ignoring the issue that I was told during the first 7 days that I could get a refund as its faulty within 30 days.

I have given them countless opportunities to resolve this without going through a third party but they are refusing to refund me anything at all.

I had to send the computer back to them as time was ticking on and they were not making any move to recall the PC. Since I had to insure the contents that cost me just over £100, this is an expensive mess I'm in.

I started the legal process to get my money back on Tuesday so we will see what happens now.

I don't see this being resolved any time soon but will update this post with progress.


  finerty 16:04 15 Feb 2012

If you look at the history of this company in the forums u will find that a lot of people have had issues. Some f the posts go into there 100's.

  finerty 16:08 15 Feb 2012

but then again the new way pc advisor does thing its harder to find old posts, where as the old system it was easier

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