PC Specalist

  dangerm50 10:39 11 Jun 2014

Any one have the email address of director of this company Bight new laptop two faults within first day and then same again two days after return

No help from desk support wont allow return as not confident in product now what a different build

  mole1944 11:26 11 Jun 2014

If you paid by credit card phone them

  mole1944 11:28 11 Jun 2014

Oh and could you please explain company name and or the faults,most of us can't read minds,FE excepted

  wee eddie 13:00 11 Jun 2014

Do tell: What were the problems?

  AroundAgain 15:49 11 Jun 2014

Don't know if this is any help? In these links below, you will find address and telephone number of their trading office, company information which cross-checks OK, including their company number.

Jockie has provided you with the director's name, so I can't think what other information you would need.

Personally, I find a polite and fact-only, no emotion/judgement letter, outlining why I'm unhappy/disappointed with the product etc has always got me very good results, but I'm sure you already know that's a good way to go. Phone calls are less likely to get the result if they've already not been forthcoming. Another tip is to write to Customer Services, but put copy in a named person, ie the [named] Director - gets amazing results!!!

Links below for said info. Good luck

Unable to post as keeps coming up with "We think this is spam" so have taken the links off and will try one link at a time. Should that fail, may I suggest you google the company's name with 'company information', where you will get some details. Their phone number is easily found on their website. You have the director's name J

  AroundAgain 15:50 11 Jun 2014

OK, now will try the links, one at a time. ;)

click here

  AroundAgain 15:51 11 Jun 2014

Again, Company information

click here

  spuds 16:03 11 Jun 2014

Director of PC Specialist is Danny Williams, so email I suppose is [email protected]

  Woolwell 10:14 12 Jun 2014

I don't understand why it cannot be returned if it has faults unless they have been induced by software that you installed. I don't see the point of contacting a director at this stage. Politely ring their line and if the person who answers is unhelpful then ask to speak to their manager.

  xania 10:41 12 Jun 2014

To clarify, did they fix the first 2 faults and then you got 2 more or is this the same two faults.

Perhaps it might be useful for us to know what the faults are. We might then be able to solve the problems or give better advice on your rights for replacement/refund

  lotvic 20:31 13 Jun 2014

They seem to have a good forum PC Specialist forum ClickHere

and PCAdvisor has reviewed some of their computers - this one for instance click here

and this PCA Thread last Sept was asking about them click here

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