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  STREETWORK 09:40 02 Apr 2005

I have an Advent 3212 desktop PC. 2.5 years old

Recently the headset socket failed to work. On investigating I found it was broken inside the PC. So I contacted PC Service Call who do the repairs to Advents and requested a replacement part.

They replied with the meaasage to arrange for a technitian to call and carry out the repair at my cost. All I need is the replacement part and do it myself as a competent upgrader, simple enough.

They say that they do not supply replacement parts to the general public and I need a Tech to do it at my expence. So if I buy a car and the headlight bulb needs replacing do I need to go to a Renault dealer and apy for them to do it???

The Sale of Goods and Services says otherwise and I feel that PC Service Call are out of line, any one else experienced this?

  smokingbeagle 10:50 02 Apr 2005

Presumably, the old one needs to unsoldered(?),removed and a new one soldered onto your mobo / soundcard. Probably beyond the skills of an upgrader but if you feel able why not source the socket somewhere else eg Maplins.

  STREETWORK 12:06 02 Apr 2005

Its just a plug in unit for 2xusb ports and mic/headset, seems to be unique to Advent

  smokingbeagle 12:26 02 Apr 2005

These people seem to sell parts for Advents. There is a 'phone number as well for contact.
click here

  helmetshine 18:39 03 Apr 2005


Is the PC still under warranty?If it is i should think it should be covered and the part and labour free.If it's not under warranty then they don't have to supply you the part and are quite entitled to charge for a tech to visit.And if you take your Renault to a dealer and it's out of warranty they,also,would be entitled to charge as well.

  STREETWORK 19:27 04 Apr 2005

Contacted Partmaster who supply parts for Advent Computers, guess what, they do not have the part I need. The PC is 20 months old. My point on the renault theme was to say that if I need a new headlight bulb I can fit it myself as I wish to do with the PC. Now how do I contact the PC manufacturer directly???

  Q-Bie 22:47 04 Apr 2005

Advent PCs are PC Worlds own brand so all service and support is provided by PC World / PC Servicecall.

Depending on the model of your Advent its either made by Trigem, Gericom or Medion. Which motherboard is it you're after?


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