Pc repair nightmare

  jaheni 16:14 02 Mar 2005

I have an Acer Travelmate with a start up problem (you have to push the start button 20-30 times before the XP starts!) I took the laptop to local computer repairs shop.
After few days I was told its fixed, the guy replaced a new fan(?) and charged £60. I went home happy... but still laptop doesent work. I took the laptop back and now after 1,5 weeks more, it was supposed to be ready I only have to pay £55 for a new switch and some fix on motherboard. I go home again... and it does not work!!!!
I went back to the shop and they refunded £55 after heavy negotiating. I still have to pay the new fan.... its ridiculous. Plus they also damaged the keyboard, and a cd I left (my fault) was missing too.
Do I have any rights, can I take this case somewhere? Cheers....

  VideoSentry 16:36 02 Mar 2005

Local trading standards and the Small claims court.

  wee eddie 22:43 02 Mar 2005

Gather all the information that you have, invoices, till receipts, anything that will confirm the transaction, into a file and photocopy the lot. easiest to lay the lot on the platen and copy as many as you can to each sheet of A4.

Leave the originals at home and visit the shop. Explain your disappointment and point out that should they not have a satisfactory explanation, then your next port of call would be Trading Standards.

Being that many computer problems are not simply obvious, as yours appears to be. They could be excused for suggesting several potential errors, but after they have had time to check it out, should have isolated it.

  spuds 23:20 02 Mar 2005

Local trading standards is your first stage for advice, perhaps they have details of the computer shop that 'repaired' your laptop. In the meantime, have a browse here click here click here

  jack 08:50 03 Mar 2005

We folk are all the same when we get to a repair shop.
All eager to get it home and get going.
Slow down.
Deep breaths
And ask to see the restored item working on the counter top.
Carefully examine the item for visual damage/change
Ask to see or take away replaced parts.
If you are not happy- sort it there and then.

  jaheni 10:20 04 Mar 2005

Thanks for your comments. Im just scared to take the pc back to the shop. If I leave it for them to check it more etc... dont know if I will ever see it again! They promised to contact about the damaged keyboard (new part) by last Saturday, and thats a week ago...

  wee eddie 10:37 04 Mar 2005

I think that a conversation with your local Trading Standards Dept. is in order.

Ring them and if possible try to make an appointment to see someone. At this point a pragmatic approach will be more likely to win you the day.

Take the Laptop, and all the documentation that you have, with you. They should be able to advise you on your next move

  Iceman1978 12:41 04 Mar 2005

Never trust a computer shop. Ive never heard of one which has done a good job and charged a reasonable amount. With a laptop you would be best sending to the manufacturer.

  wee eddie 13:44 04 Mar 2005

There are many first class operators out there, who offer a quality service at a reasonable price. There are also sharks, it's a bit like the motor trade.

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