PC recommendations - am I gonna Dell it again?

  hander 11:24 12 Oct 2004

Hope I get some replies on this obv. much asked question. I'm buying a new PC to upgrade a 5yo PIII 600.

I use my PC for:
*work - general apps (Word etc) - and I like to run five or six apps at once without speed problems.
*play - storing/playing vid files, bit of vid conversion

NB: I don't play games.

I also want to run two monitors on this PC soon, so I'll probably pick up a 20" Dell Ultrasharp (£570 inc vat) at the same time.

For PCs, I'm considering a dell 8400 and a Mesh 3400.

I can get the dell with all the obvious features for about £1000.
Pros: 1GB RAM, double drive to 250GB
COns: X300SE

The Mesh comes in at a similar price with a few extras.
Pros: NVIDIA FX 5500
Cons: 3Y RTB warranty (tho' I live near them)

Anyone any thoughts on this?
Will these graphics cards be able to deal with my needs? That is playing vid without problems.
Any thoughts on the two bundled LCDs on each system (both 17" but guess will be fine as a second)
Any other systems I should consider?

Sorry; long rambling post but appreciate advice. Dell offer of double RAM and hard drive upgrade ends tomorrow! (Yes, I know they will always be offering something else).



  961 15:06 12 Oct 2004

It really all depends on how carefully the computer has been built and how carefully it is delivered

I have to say that if you are near Mesh so that RTB won't be a problem then I would probably go for that instead of calls to India with Dell

I really don't think there is much to choose between the machines

The other point is to buy a system with a cheap monitor if you are going to buy a top notch job later

  hander 17:14 12 Oct 2004

Just paid a visit to Mesh and while they're reasonable, they sure are cheap-looking machines!

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