PC price war

  BigRik 20:35 28 May 2006

The competitions' getting fierce!

click here

  Stuartli 21:44 28 May 2006

This is from the MoS's Financial Mail front page story today.

In fact my local Tesco Extra has been selling computer systems for quite some time - even Time models...:-)

I'm sure the staff are all highly experienced if anyone has any problems...:-)

So, one day, when your local independent computer store, TV and electrical shops, individual fashion outlets and numerous others have all closed down, you might wonder whether it was worth saving a few pounds?

I speak as someone who has tremendous admiration for what Sir Terry Lehy has achieved with Tesco, but I'm now leaning to the view that it is getting to the stage where it is beginning to have too many tentacles.

  ade.h 21:50 28 May 2006

An abundance of them!

I'm all for sticking with specialist retailers for any type of product that can benefit from extra knowledge and support. And as much as I like to find the best price possible, I won't go to the cheapest if it risks compromising elsewhere, such as quality of service, backup, and so on.

Price wars have an often overlooked bad side to them unfortunately.

  spuds 23:09 28 May 2006

Tesco's have been selling Acer laptops for about £369 recently. But going on the the remarks made on this and other forum's about Acer aftercare service and warranty procedures, then I for one, would not consider a purchase, irrespective of the price discounts offered.

  ade.h 23:17 28 May 2006

Sometimes, cheap is too cheap.

  BigRik 11:24 29 May 2006

I agree with everything that has been mentioned here so far. I would rather buy a system from a specialist as well, and I will be. When I'm looking for anything electrical, I think it's better to spend a bit more, like yourselves. Like you say ade.h, sometimes, cheap is too cheap.

  namtas 11:57 29 May 2006

Technically, arguments put forward here regarding advice to buy from a specialist retailer would make very sound sense. However, in truth not all so called "specialist retailer staff" are always as clued as they could be and would have us believe. I have overheard and personally been given some so called facts that were widely incorrect and on one another occasion potentially damaging. A very good case in point for me was the advice to reformat to cure a slow moving curser when in fact it was all that was required was a driver update. By all means use a specialist when you know you can trust their advice. It maybe that these large retail stores will set up specialists (although I don’t believe it) and it may work well, we shall have to see. Competition will most certainly lead to even more price competition; the danger is that leading brands are forced to cut quality to compete which could be backwards step for the consumer.

  Stuartli 13:18 29 May 2006

>>when in fact it was all that was required was a driver update.>>

Or even speeding up cursor motion/movements from its Properties.

  namtas 16:44 29 May 2006

>>Or even speeding up cursor motion/movements from its Properties>> Unfortunately not, this easy fix was not the solution.

  oresome 18:51 29 May 2006

The PC's just a commodity. The design has been out donkey's years. It works straight from the box and no specialist knowledge is required.

All we need is an efficient distribution system.

Who better placed than Tesco or one of the other majors?

If it doesn't work for whatever reason, take it back and exchange or get a refund, no questions asked...........what could be simpler?

One things for sure, Tesco's PC suppliers will have to ensure their products are fit for purpose or they'll get a lot of returns.......and not at Tesco's expense.

  Jackcoms 21:29 29 May 2006

Tesco should stick to what they, apparently, know best - selling baked beans and bog rolls.

In the meantime, I'll continue to buy my PCs from Dell - that's the business they know best.

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