PC Performance Warranty / Techguys - What next?

  vespa90 12:56 29 Jan 2008

Hi All. My Advent PC was purchased in 2004 with a 5 year PC Performance Warranty from PCW Peterborough. It stopped working in November 07 and after 3 unsuccessful visits by Techguys it was taken to their workshop on 17th December.Many phone calls later and I am told that it's been "written off" - they can't get new mobo.I am told that they will post vouchers to me for new PC of same spec.I say OK but can you also return my old hard disk for data transfer to new PC.They say yes.
28th Jan 08 I am told that my hard disk has been disposed of ! Also I still haven't received my vouchers ! Fed up phoning them - what should I do next ? Thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 29 Jan 2008

Always, always, always keep full backups.

They usually reformat disks so your chances of getting the info back are very slim indeed. There is someone from DSG that posts here who may be able to help. Personally I would go in person and get some answers as to where the vouchers are...if that is possible.


  vespa90 18:45 29 Jan 2008

Hi Gandalf. Thanks for your reply. Luckily most of my stuff was backed up onto CD-R after the last time my PC was poorly. I've only lost a few recent photos and about 4,000 songs (sob!) but that's not the point. I asked for the hard disk's return as soon as they told me they couldn't repair the PC (which was 5 days after the actual event) and on every phone call to them since. I am also concerned about my personal data ending up on someone else's 'repaired' computer.
As for going in person, I think the Techguys are in Sheffield (far from here!); my nearest store is Peterborough (about 30 miles)and they are less than helpful! Should I put my complaint in writing ? Will this help ?

  wjrt 19:36 29 Jan 2008

click here
see what they say

  ajm 22:16 29 Jan 2008

When were you told that the system will be written off and that you will be sent vouchers? Sometimes it takes approx 7-14 days for the replacement vouchers ( gift card ) to come to you.

The call centre is in Sheffield, however the repair centres are all over the country. Some of these repair centres are sub-contracted.

I suspect the delay in you getting the vouchers lies in the the communications from the repair centre to the Sheffield Customer Services, the "insurance dept" of DSG and finally to the office where the gift vouchers are issued.

You can certainly write to Customer Services to express your concerns, especially of your personal information.

  vespa90 23:47 29 Jan 2008

Thanks - will ring consumer direct tomorrow.
I was told on the 11th Jan that my PC had been written off on the 7th Jan.Was advised that vouchers were in post and would take 7-10 days.
Think you are right about (lack of) communication between departments - hope vouchers are worth the wait! (doubt it somehow...)

  tillybaby 07:27 30 Jan 2008

Vespa90 I would be worried about my personal information ending up on someone else's 'brand new' computer too judging by some of the letters that I've read on here.

  ajm 10:57 30 Jan 2008

When you have a moment, drop me a quick email by clicking the yellow envelope next to my name. AJM

  vespa90 19:14 30 Jan 2008

The thing that is really annoying is the feeling of helplessness.You trust these people to repair and/or return your property - not to save pennies by salvaging parts and using them to repair other peoples computers!Grrrr...
I have emailed you as requested.

  vespa90 19:12 04 Feb 2008

After following AJM's advice, I received telephone call from very nice lady from DSGI Customer Services today. She started by apologising, which was nice. Unfortunately she said that my hard disk has been destroyed and there is no record of me asking for it's return - but she did say that my vouchers WILL arrive soon (plus a little extra to say sorry)
Wish I'd sent a letter or E-Mail to back up the fact that I did ask for it's return but you live and learn. (She blamed temporary staff for the mistake!)
Thanks for the help so far - will let you know when (if?) it get's resolved.

  Robbed 16:40 21 Feb 2008

The same happened to me today,
i had no warning or any idea that i would not get my own pc back from this bunch . I didnt want the vouchers, i wanted my own property returned to me fixed or not ,i told them this.
I even found a replacement mobo myself after they couldnt.
After all I paid for it , its my property ,its legally mine isnt it ?
all my details all my work is on it and they have basically ripped me off and stolen my computer.
Surely by law they cannot do this ?

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