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  TristanB 11:49 08 Feb 2008

Hi there,

I registered to post a warning here about PCOption. My experience of them started off positive, with good pre-sales support and competative prices, so I placed an order on the 23rd of Jan.

Their faq says they try to deliver within 3 days, but the delivery option I choose said up to 7 days, so on the 27th I contacted them to ask when I should arrange to be at home for delivery.

I got no reply, so I talked to a customer service guy, who said it had been delayed, and would be with me that Friday, or Monday at the latest. I was a little upset they hadn't contacted me about this, but whatever. I'd wait.

That Thursday, the 31st, I received a reply to my Email of 4 days earlier, saying my PC would be dispatched Thursday of the following week. This was even further delayed, and I was pretty annoyed, especially as this conflicted with what I'd been informed by the guy I talked to previously.

Come Wednesday the 6th, and still no hint on the site that it had been built. I sent an Email, but wasn't confident of it being replied to promptly, so when I got no reply just before I left work that day I called up, and was told it would be with me Thursday 7th, or Friday (today). I asked if it could be arranged that the system was delivered today, because there was no way I could be at home on Thursday. I then got an Email reply saying it would be built Thursday or early Friday.

So today rolls around, and I'm home expecting delivery. It gets to 10, and the order tracker still doesn't say anything further, so I call up. My system isn't being built yet, and will be with me on Monday apparently. I ask if it could possibly be arranged that it would be delivered tomorrow, as it's so delayed, and I'm told that might be arranged, but it will cost me(!). I ask if they might arrange this as a goodwill gesture given how much I've been messed about, and the guy I'm talking to can't authorise this - I'll be called back at 4 to discuss.

Then he calls me back straight away, to tell me that the motherboard I want is out of stock, and they will have to downgrade my mobo. Now, I would have expected them to tell me immediately rather than over half a month after I ordered, so I'm getting pretty cross.

So I'm sitting here at home, no longer expecting a delivery today, and half expecting a phone call. I feel I've been treated pretty shoddily, which is a shame, because the pre-sales and the price were both very good.

I paid for 7 working days delivery - though the faq said they would try for 3. It's now over half a month later, the price of the system I ordered has dropped by just under a tenner if I ordered it now, I'm not even getting the system I ordered.

I can understand sometimes companies hit problems and have delays in releasing orders. I would have liked to have been contacted, but I've contacted them several times in good spirits and I'm no longer convinced they care about me enough to try to make things right.

If anyone is thinking about ordering from these guys - hold up a day or so. They could be a great company going through a difficult patch, or you might be better off staying well away.

I'll post an update again when I know what the outcome is this evening.

Wish me luck

  The Muir 12:27 08 Feb 2008

There is no issue here. I believe you spoke to one of our sales guys earlier?

Your PC will be with you on the 12th of Feb.



  TristanB 13:33 08 Feb 2008

Hi guys,

I just got off the phone to Tom, who called me back regarding the issues I've mentioned in the post above.

I'm pretty happy about the results of that phone call, and I'd like to thank Tom for calling me personally to resolve this.

Firstly to set something straight:

Tom felt I'd given an excessively bad impression of his company, and asked that I clear up the number of working days I've been waiting: I got confirmation of my order on the 23rd Jan, after ordering late on the 22nd. The 12th of Feb will be the 15th working day since I ordered.

I didn't want to give the impression the company was in any way trying to pull a fast one or was likely to go bust - by "going through a tough patch" I meant struggling on delivery targets, not finances.

The only two problems I've had are the delay in delivery, and the various times I've been told the system would be delivered when it wasn't.

I should also make it clear that PCOption haven't broken any laws - they have 30 days in total to deliver, they will be well within this if they deliver on the 12th.

Anyway, more about the phone call.

Tom said the following:

1) There is no problem with the motherboard. I will be receiving the part I ordered - this is great news.

2) The system can not be delivered tomorrow or Monday. This is because he isn't willing to ship out a system without testing it thoroughly - it's obviously disappointing that I won't get the machine until Tuesday, but it's also good that he isn't willing to rush a job and ship a machine he isn't happy with.

3) The system will be with me Tuesday - like he says in the forum response above.

4) He apologised for the delay and communications issues we've had. The delay was caused by a very busy January, and a couple of key staff being out of the office. Tom said he will refund my shipping charge as a goodwill gesture - This is also great, and to get a phone call and apology from the company makes me much more confident things will work out okay.

5) The most obvious thing from the call was how much Tom cares about the company. It sounded like he was deeply hurt by my negative post about his company. I get the strong impression this is hugely important to him.

6) Tom also offered me a full and immediate refund if I no longer wanted to buy from him at this point.

Given all that, I will be extremely shocked if the computer doesn't turn up when he said it would.

To sum up:

Listening to Tom it's clear he's very passionate about his company - this makes me confident he'll try to give the best service he can. The two problems I've had are delays, and being told a date for delivery only to be disappointed.

Hopefully those issues are now resolved - I'll update again when the new PC arrives on Tuesday, and also let you know how shiney and fast it is :-D

So I guess in fairness I should also say If anyone is thinking of ordering a new PC from someone else, wait a couple of days - if these problems are sorted and my machine arrives as expected on Tuesday, I'd certainly suggest you consider PCOption.

  iscanut 13:55 08 Feb 2008

PC Options is fast becoming like the Mesh issues that we were inundated with in previous years.

  tillybaby 13:58 08 Feb 2008

When they know they've had a busy January etc. were you promised delivery in seven working days and maybe in three when in actual fact it's taken nearly three weeks?

If they had contacted you immediately or at least answered your e-mails more quickly then you would have felt more confident but it seems that consumers only get a decent reply once they've posted negative comments on this forum which is a shame.

  OdinRaiden 15:31 12 Feb 2008

I have also ordered from PC Option on the 22nd of Jan and recieved my confirmation of the order the same day. I am now awaiting the arrival of my system.

As many others have commented I have found the communication with PC option a little bad but understandable if they are busy at this time. From my experiance with them I have found that Tom is the best person to deal with and that he keeps you up-to-date with the exception of a couple of emails that I have had to re-send.

My only warning to people is that they should be prepared for a wait but as I have read it is a wait worth while.

I will post again once I have recieved the system to inform people of the condition of its arrival.

  OdinRaiden 15:35 12 Feb 2008

Also I have had an email from Tom yesterday telling me that the system has been dispatched so hopefully the system will be with me at some point today...

  lofty29 16:18 12 Feb 2008


  TristanB 16:43 12 Feb 2008

Well, it's Tuesday and...

...at 2:30 pm a man rolled up in a van, and delivered two packages from PC Option - the system, repackaged in the original box for the case, and the assorted cds and manuals in the original motherboard box.

I've got it up and running (it was basically plug and play) checked it out, installed and ran a game and the whole thing is extremely good.

I believe I've got a very good system for a good price. I'm going to post a new thread about the overall experience, but in general I'd recommend these guys. It's a real shame the communications were so bad - if not for that then I'd have been extremely impressed.

  OdinRaiden 17:37 12 Feb 2008

Well ive waited for hours today and no delivery, also I have recieved a message from PC option with a tracking number but for some reason the tracking number doesnt work on the site that they have provided me with...

I'm emailing them again but keeping my hopes up for a delivery tomorrow.

  harps1h 10:53 13 Feb 2008

sometimes the carriers can be a let down also.

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