PC Option Strikes Again

  johnellenden 14:33 18 Dec 2008

Having managed to miss this site when researching PC Option I made the mistake of ordering a media pc from them on 17th October. Website looks great and the prices are competitive, but just wait until you try and get any customer service.

On 23rd October the status of my order changed to 'Systems Being Built' and I looked forward with eager anticipation to it's imminent delivery. On 27th October (nearing the end of the 7-11 days delivery date quoted) I e-mailed them and got the response that they would find out the delivery date for me. Having received no further information I e-mailed them the following day and was told that my order would arrive on 1st November (Saturday!). This customer service was pretty much typical of my experience all the way through. It always took at least two e-mails to get any information. The first was either totally ignored, or you got a response saying they would find out and get back to you (which they never did unless you e-mailed again).

Computer didn't arrive on the 1st November, so I e-mailed them again on the 4th November (with the necessary follow up on the 5th) to which the reply was that it would probably be sent on the Friday, but I would need to contact them to check. You would have thought that they would contact me, but the concept of customer service obviously stretches them a bit far. I had to again contact them twice on the Friday before getting a useful response which was to say that the system was being tested and should be with me on Tuesday or Wednesday.

By the Thursday the computer still hadn't arrived so I e-mailed them again. Having still not received a response on Friday I e-mailed Tom and was told that it would definitely be delivered the following Friday. He also told me not to talk to customer services again, but only to talk to him if I 'phoned or to e-mail him directly instead of customer services.

The following Thursday (10th November) I e-mailed Tom to check that the computer would indeed be delivered the following day and to find out the specification changes that he had had to make due to the low profile case. I got a rather curt reply on Friday morning stating that the machine would indeed be delivered that day and he would e-mail me the changes to the spec later.

The computer was indeed finally delivered on the 11th November, but Media Center has never worked reliably on it (bit of a problem for a media pc!). Fortunately I work with computers so I've been able to sort most of the problems myself. Just as well seeing as PC Option are no longer replying to any of my e-mails!

I never did get the e-mail from Tom detailing the changes to the specification. As far as I can make out, he fitted the original graphics card instead of the uprated one that I wanted (which wouldn't fit in the low profile case), and had to use an mATX motherboard instead of the standard ATX one. By my calculations I'm entitled to a refund of around £50, but Tom is refusing to confirm this, let alone return the money.

  iscanut 15:16 18 Dec 2008

Don't hold your breath re the refund or any further response, except of course a possible rant here from The Muir !

  The Brigadier 15:22 18 Dec 2008

If you paid by credit card then your protected via your bank?
Contact them about it & explain the situation?

  tullie 15:44 18 Dec 2008

How is his bank going to help with his estimated £50 refund?

  Forum Editor 17:23 18 Dec 2008

which you ordered - and for which you paid - you are entitled to reject the computer as 'not fit' under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act.

If you specify that a machine should contain certain components you are entitled to expect that they will be supplied, unless you have previously agreed to substitutions being made. You must be notified of any such substitutions, and be given an opportunity to accept or reject them. If substitutions are made without your prior knowledge or consent they must be of s similar or superior specification.

Notify the supplier than unless you receive a refund in respect of the difference in cost between the components supplied and those you ordered you will reject the machine, and require a full refund.

Failure to respond to customers' emails is a fundamental customer-service shortcoming, and is a sure-fire way for a company to see itself featuring in complaint threads in this forum.

  russ2320 18:32 18 Dec 2008

I also purchased a media centre from PC Option back in June, the graphics card was downgraded without informing me. After numerous phonecalls and emails I'm still waiting for the £35 that PC option owe me. Their customer service is very poor, avoid them at all costs!

  johnellenden 12:39 28 Jan 2009

It's been like getting blood from a stone, but I have finally been refunded the money the pc options owes me.

  iscanut 13:34 28 Jan 2009

Another dissatisfied customer to add to the growing list !!!!

It's funny, but when you look at the customer feedback page of their web site

click here

EVERYBODY is saying how fantastic they are and giving them 5 stars. Could it be they are being a bit selective?

  Zaphod 3 15:35 28 Jan 2009

I still reckon it is their staff doing it, could be why it takes so long to get reply from them.

  Forum Editor 16:22 28 Jan 2009

I'm pleased to hear that things worked out for you .

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