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  Mbrook 10:25 14 Oct 2008

I ordered a pc from Pc Option on the 29th of Sept and the delivery times given were 7-11 days which was a just about the limit of how long I could wait as I work from home and am currently without a computer.

Last week I rang to find out if they could give me a rough idea of when it would arrive as I needed to know so I could wait in. I was told it would arrive Mon 13th October so when Monday came I waited in only for it not to arrive.

I phoned up late afternoon to see what was happening and was told by a very giggly, seemingly uninterested girl that she would find out and phone me within the hour. An hour came and went and after an hour and a half of waiting I rang back and she said she would find out the information and phone me back. She phoned back within 10mins and told me that the pc would probably be delivered Thursday.

I asked her why it wasn't being delivered on time and she just said, "Don't know" and giggled a bit, no explanation or reason for going over the delivery times. I asked to speak to someone who might be able to assure me it would arrive Thursday as I needed to know for definite so I could wait in for it. She said there was no one else there who could speak to me and that someone would phone me back between 4-6 that evening. No one called me back.

I rang today to confirm that it definitely would be delivered Thursday and was told that I would be rung back this afternoon between 4-6. I'm not sure why they can't help there and then but I DO hope someone gets back to me today and confirms Thursday as a definite delivery.

I only found this thread..

click here

yesterday but couldn't reply as it's locked hence me starting this one.

I sincerely hope that by Thursday I can comment here again and tell you it arrived and was a superb buy and well worth the wait and the overdue delivery.

Fingers crossed

  Mbrook 11:36 14 Oct 2008

Just thought I'd add that I'm really excited about getting this PC. I've recently bought a new 42" Plasma and can't wait to hook it up to the computer :)

Also, some of my clients will be pleased when I finally catch up on their work lol

  HondaMan 11:46 14 Oct 2008

You also need to see this one! click here

  Mbrook 12:04 14 Oct 2008

Yeh, I saw that too. Don't get me wrong, so far I've had no real problems with them other than being a little slack in the customer service department :)

Hopefully the PC will arrive Thursday and it will be a nice, simple transaction.

I was just a little bit worried when I read some of this, the £600 I've paid is a lot of money for me (I've got 5 kids) and being naturally a worrier the comments in the threads here scared the crap out of me.

  Forum Editor 15:49 14 Oct 2008

and that your new computer will arrive as promised, and in full working order.

If there's a problem of any kind no doubt you'll update us on Thursday.

  DoggyD 16:08 14 Oct 2008

Yep, I'm sure it will too.

It just kinda worried me when I read through some of the experiences posted here

  Picklefactory 16:27 14 Oct 2008

Are you Mbrook in disguise?

  DoggyD 16:29 14 Oct 2008

Lol, not exactly in disguise. I just changed my username to one I normally use.

  Forum Editor 16:33 14 Oct 2008

especially in the same thread. Please check your email.

  Mbrook 16:58 14 Oct 2008

Sorry about that, I've replied to your email.

Just got a call back from Pc Option telling me that it will definitely be here on Thursday, booked the day off work to take delivery of it.

They did inform me that they'd upgraded the HD from a 360Gb which I initially ordered to a 500Gb because the 360Gb isn't in stock but that it would cost me an extra £8, I told them I didn't want to spend any extra as the PC is a birthday gift from my wife so they said they'd downgrade it to a 250Gb HD.

I'll update on Thursday when it arrives.

  100andthirty 19:47 14 Oct 2008

if they've downgraded your spec, I hope you get a suitable and proportinate refund.

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