PC Option Issue

  john2009 02:02 23 Feb 2008


I noticed some issues on this forum regarding PCOptions.co.uk.

Mid January I began looking for a new computer to replace my 4 year old system. I came across PCOption which offered a really great deal with a super fast intel dual core gaming system. I placed my order around 14th Jan, it said 'delivery within 7 days' - im still waiting! It has been over 4 weeks now!

I have had nearly 6 emails telling me that 'it will be dispatched tommorow' or 'monday'

I have taken many days off work and I am very annoyed with the lack of communication.


  tillybaby 07:12 23 Feb 2008

Although PC Option seem to do great deals their customer service leaves a lot to be desired and judging by the amount of correspondence on here, seem to be getting worse,

It makes things extremely difficult to know exactly what to do when you aren't getting any replies from them. All I can say is good luck and hopefully you will receive your pc by Tuesday next week at the latest.

  merciarich 09:09 23 Feb 2008

We have had someone from PC Option reply on this forum before, and they usually buck their ideas up when someone posts about them on here

Best of luck for getting it sorted.

Failing a resolution, did you buy on a credit card? If so, start a chargeback request with your CC Company

  merciarich 09:11 23 Feb 2008

click here

What does the website say of your order status?

  john2009 13:51 23 Feb 2008

What delivery company do they use?

Maybe its them?

  merciarich 14:11 23 Feb 2008

Not sure, think someone posted previously and said it was CityLink or similar......

With so many similar complaints, PC Option must be really unlucky with the deliveries, a courier may let down one or two people but to let pretty much the whole customer base down, then something must be going amiss - it must be something that PC Option is doing wrong.

What does the order status page say when you type in your details?

  tullie 14:17 23 Feb 2008

We hear of problems,but not happy customers.There would be very more satisfied customers than those having problems.

  merciarich 14:20 23 Feb 2008

Sorry, edit to last. Someone mentioned in a previous post it was Home Delivery Network on that particular occasion.

Looking at this thread click here you may have some fight on your hands

  john2009 15:30 23 Feb 2008

must be the wrong number..

1. I was told a few days after my order that it was recived and that I would have the system 6 days later.

2. 6 days later I emailed them only to be told it will be a further 7 days before dispatch!

3. Day of delivery came, nothing! emailed them again to be told 'were busy' dispatch at the end of the week'

4. End of the week comes i email them to ask if it has been shipped guess what? it hasnt

5. I was told that the system was ready to ship by one person only to be told it was still being build by another!

If they only emailed me to say expect a long wait rather than hit me with bull that it was ready etc

  merciarich 15:40 23 Feb 2008

Yet another story of PC Option's lack of customer service and obviously a low sense of business acumen

No doubt Tom will be on here to defend his company again........

I sense another long and drawn out thread

john2009, I would look down the route of contacting your credit card company and looking at starting a chargeback.

May I enquire as to the value of the equipment purchased?

  john2009 15:42 23 Feb 2008


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