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  Eric Brennan 19:15 14 Aug 2009


November last year i bought a PC from PC Option, problems happened because the Motherboard i chose wasnt working, they upgraded, at MY expense.

When the PC arrived a week before XMas it was working fine. 9th of January ot broke when i moved it slightly to clean around it.

Contacted PC Option via email and requested they fix it, they took a week of emailing me, telling me to take parts out and put them back in, before they said they would repair it.

By that time i had sought legal advice and was told to get my money back because it was not what i aske for.

After a long debate with them they refused, saying it was my fault the computer broke, i e-mailed them, told them not to pick it up because i wanted a refund, not a repair.

One day while i was in college i got a phone call from a courier service 'Hello mr brennan we are here to pick up the PC' i just told them that i told PC Option not to pick it up.

After i tried to contact them several times i received an email saying 'We tried to contact you when you refused the courier, we will not be contacting you again' and up until this day they have not contacted me.

I filed for court, got a default judgement because no defence was filed, no reply, got a warrant of execution, no reply for a month, i rang the court 'This company ceased trading in April'

My brother, who works in a credit checking company, did a check of the company and thay had two businesses, PC OPTION LIMITED and PC OPTION, PC OPTION LIMITED was shut down with £2200ish in unsolved CCJ's

PC OPTION, the company which u all know, is no longer trading and my court case is against their company.

Bear in mind that all three companies are under the same address and owned by Thomas Muir, all shares owned by Thomas Muir and Victoria Muir.

I just Thought you all might likr to know what was going on :)

I have yet to be paid back.

If court dont do it, i will, because this miraculous Credit report has provided me with Names and addresses of the directors, including Mr Muir...

Note to FE - if anything is illegal here please edit it out, the people need to know about this...

  Eric Brennan 19:26 14 Aug 2009

Please excuse the spelling errors :)

  lotvic 22:46 14 Aug 2009

A few more Details click here

  lotvic 22:52 14 Aug 2009

for other threads on this forum (pcadvisor) enter the following into Google search
"PC Option" site:pcadvisor.co.uk/forums

  ronalddonald 07:36 15 Aug 2009

why r people using pc option even though loads of people have complained on pc advisor.

Isn't it high time that we font use them at all. Like lotvic mentioned looked at the other threads regarding pc option

  Eric Brennan 07:45 15 Aug 2009

There were not many reviews when i purchased my computer, as soon as i did they started creeping in.

Anyone have any adcide as to what to do? im thinking the CAB for advice then the county court to explain that the company is still trading, just under a different name and if all fails ill file a new claim against them, claiming the full amount from old claim and additional court fees, they cannot keep running

  Forum Editor 08:57 15 Aug 2009

1. Its perfectly in order to post information about a company's address, the names and addresses of its directors, and the company's financial status, provided the information is in the public domain - that is, it can be found by anyone conducting normal searches of public records.

What you must not do is publish any information that constitutes personal data not in the public domain, and I will remove any such information that is brought to my attention.

2. We do not, and will not allow posts which exhort others to join in a concerted effort to discredit or in any way damage the trading reputation of a business. By all means post details of your personal experiences, and information about any action you may take, but please resist the temptation to encourage others to join with you in whatever course of action you adopt.

If a small claims court ruled in your favour, and you have been unable to collect the money that is legally yours we can all sympathise - you are entitled to feel very aggrieved indeed, and I will be interested to see how this turns out. Perhaps you'll keep us updated as the matter develops?

In the meantime, if there's any way we can help by way of information about consumer law, and your rights and remedies, please don't hesitate to ask. We'll be only too happy to assist you.

  Eric Brennan 00:01 16 Aug 2009

The purpose of me posting this topic was to allow others to see wht PC OPTION have done to me, there are many threads on this site giving bad comments about th company, this one might just make people think.

As for ruining the reputation of PC OPTION, i feel that a company who runs away from debts should ot be allowed to trade, i am simply stating that i will not drop this, i will be heading to court at 9 am on monday to get the bailiffs out to the new company.Thanks

  Forum Editor 01:22 16 Aug 2009

I can clearly understand why you are so determined to see the court's decision enforced, and of course you are perfectly entitled to do so. I have to bear in mind that what appears here is being published to the world at large however, and it would be negligent of me not to remind everyone of that fact.

I'm quite satisfied that nothing you have said so far is in any way illegal - a court found in your favour, and you have every right to ask the court to enforce its ruling, and to come here and tell others about your experience. My point was to make our forum rules clear to others who might be adding their own comments to the thread.

  Eric Brennan 01:26 16 Aug 2009

I did bear the fact that this information is on view to the world in mind, i did not put the full address of Mr Muir in here ;)

I understand that you must highlight issues nd i thank you for your input :)

  dagnammit 01:35 16 Aug 2009

I'd just like to wish you good luck!

Please do update this thread as others will see your determination and be encouraged by it. As I said, good luck!

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