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  AreYouComingYet 18:05 28 May 2008

Hey there,

My girlfriend recently placed an order with PC Option, on the 12th May 2008. She paid for 7 Days Delivery, and ordered a custom built PC. This was supposed to be a surprise for me, but after 7 days and no computer, she felt it necessary to bring me into it. So, after emails were sent between my girlfriend and PC Option, we were told that the order was on

'6 working days so wont be ready yet. I will have a look and find out exactly what day it will be ready.

We use Interlink Express. When your order is ready I will be able to give you a consignment number.'

This was Tue, May 20, 2008. We then sent an email asking when the PC would be delivered, and we were told, 'Wednesday after the bank holiday'.

We weren't told when it would be built or anything. Building started 23rd May. I rang that Friday, and asked what was happening with the PC and when it would be ready. I was met with the reponse of 'We just got a new phone system installed and we don't have the internet, can you ring back on the Tuesday after Bank Holiday.' Great, 4 days waiting without any information.

So, yesterday, I rang, and the unknown woman on the end of the phone told me, that it would definately be dispatched today, and that she would go down to shipping and sort it out. I was also told, that the PC could not be dispatched to my address (delivery address), which is not the billing address, because of internet fraud. Yet when I asked why 'Information' hadn't pointed that out I was met with 'Oh it should be okay then!'.

So today, I wake up, eager to check the status of my PC order, and I'm met with the same screen I've seen everyday since 23rd May,
'Systems Being Built 23 May 2008'
Since I had received a dispatch date in an email from '[email protected]' I believe this to be true. No dispatch on today. So I rang again today, was met by an unknown male voice, who, once again, did not give me his name. I asked if my PC had been dispatched, he put me on hold and in 2 minutes was back, with a 'it's not been sent today'. I could see that it hadn't been sent on 'Order Tracking', great use of 5minutes. Then, I asked 'So what is happening with my PC', was met with 'I'll go and check.'. I was then put on hold, and waited on hold for FIFTY MINUTES, on my mobile phone, I live at University, so I dont have a landline, until I ultimately hung up and the phones haven't been answered since.

I'd love some help :/

  AreYouComingYet 18:22 28 May 2008

The online chat is terrible also, hardly ever an operator, and when I got through and asked a question, I got told to check my emails and the chat was terminated.

  Forum Editor 18:42 28 May 2008

is unforgiveable, but I doubt if I would have waited fifteen before putting the phone down.

From what you've said it sounds as if you've been misinformed about the status of your order at some point in the process, and a seven-day delivery period has turned into much more.

I suggest that you email the company, rather than phoning, so you have a documentary record. What you say is up to you; if you're prepared to wait longer you might give them a cutoff date, and say that if your computer isn't delivered by then you're cancelling. When someone takes your money for a 7-day delivery you're entitled to expect just that, unless there's a problem that is beyond the retailer's control.

  AreYouComingYet 18:46 28 May 2008

They're going to charge me £30 + 17.5% VAT because it's a custom machine. I'm just very annoyed because the woman on the phone yesterday told me I'd have it tomorrow.

  beeuuem 19:29 28 May 2008

Did your girlfriend pay by credit card? If she did that puts you in much stronger position.

  AreYouComingYet 21:01 28 May 2008

Debit Card.

  iscanut 21:32 28 May 2008

They may want to charge for cancellation, but they owe for having taken payment for 7 day delivery, which has not happened.

  belfman 23:46 28 May 2008

"They're going to charge me £30 + 17.5% VAT because it's a custom machine"

It is NOT a custom machine, your girlfriend will have chosen the parts from a standard list - parts that anyone can choose. They have used this old chestnut on the forums before. Restocking fees are ILLEGAL - they have no right to make a deduction from the money you paid them.

  Forum Editor 10:13 29 May 2008

a supplier can't have it both ways - if a charge is made for delivery within seven working days then delivery must be made within that period.

You can't take a delivery charge, fail to make the delivery, and then, when the customer exercises his right to cancel, charge him again.

If your machine was built using components that are offered in a list on the supplier's website it is not classed as customised. The Office of Fair Trading has made this quite clear, both in its 'guide to traders' leaflet, and to me, personally by telephone.

  AreYouComingYet 12:39 29 May 2008

Girlfriend is busy today, so will be ringing them again soon, I'm getting BT Answer 1571 atm, but it could be lunch time. I don't know what time the PC's are dispatched but mine still hasn't been, I can't bear to wait another weekend for it...

  lofty29 12:51 29 May 2008

No doubt "the muir" will be on shortly ranting about unfair use of this forum, with the bad posts about pc options I am surprised anyone still deals with them

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