PC Nextday contact number?

  simonpage 21:25 27 Oct 2006

Has anyone got a contact number for PC Nextday? I've been having some problems with my Zoostorm PC but they don't reply to my e-mails so I want to try calling them instead. I couldn't find a number on their site, only e-mails. Cheers in advance

  Mr Beeline 22:19 27 Oct 2006

Hi there

I've seen the following number mentioned in another thread for them (0151 709 6342). Not tried it myself I should add.

Good luck (I think you may need it).

  simonpage 23:00 27 Oct 2006

I'll give them a call on Monday. At least when I call them they can't ignore me like they have with my e-mails,if they mess me about i will simply return the Pc and ask for a full refund.

  JJ28 09:19 28 Oct 2006

This is the number they gave me.....0870 609 0126, it was answered after a couple of rings. Checked my BT bill online and it's about 7p per minute.

  JJ28 09:21 28 Oct 2006

Sorry......0870 609 0125!not 6

  simonpage 14:22 28 Oct 2006

Where did you guys get those numbers? I didn't see them on their site

  anchor 15:00 28 Oct 2006

The number, 0151.709.6342, as given by Mr Beeline is the geographical number listed in "saynoto08070".

click here

Useful if you can make cheaper UK national rate calls.

  Mr Beeline 17:50 29 Oct 2006


Interesting site, now bookmarked.

  simonpage 23:30 31 Oct 2006

Thanks for all the replies, I called them yesterday but the support department didn't have the technical knowlege to help me. I got fedup and told them i wanted a refund, they said NO and told me to send the Pc back to them for repair. Reading through some of the posts about PC Nextday I don't want to send it back and get it weeks later with the same problem. I've had enough of PC Nextday and will NOT purxchase anything else from them again.

  Forum Editor 00:38 01 Nov 2006

they were within their rights to refuse you a refund - we wouldn't know, because you haven't provided us with any information.

I'm not suggesting that you weren't entitled to ask for your money back, just that we don't know.

  simonpage 01:32 01 Nov 2006

Thanks fo r your reply, although they probably are within their rights to refuse me a refund I still prefer to get a refund so i can buy another Pc from differnet company instead of being messed about by PC Nextday for weeks like some of the other forum members.

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