PC and Monitor for £500

  herrflick 14:14 19 May 2012

Good Afternoon all,

My brother asked me to help him find a PC, which is a bit like the blind monkey asking the deaf monkey why the silent monkey doesn't speak???

This forum was very helpful in helping me with my choice so I bow to the masters.

He's not a gamer. Watches movies & skygo and does a lot of that facebook, twitter malarkey. He has a 6 year old dell just now so I'm guessing even the most basic new PC will be a big improvement for him but I want to get the most for his moolah.

He's not PC savvy and lives too far away for me to go and help him out so something that is set up to go, and comes with a collect and return warranty for at least the first year is a must.

I did a bit of searching myself and the best I've found is this one


I would appreciate it anyone knows of a better package going around and perhaps some feedback on the above PC.


  rdave13 16:23 19 May 2012

I think it's a good choice for £500. Check how much for delivery. I also like AOC monitors. Hard pressed to find a better one I think.

  herrflick 16:50 19 May 2012

£530 plus the delivery. Thx for pointing that out rdave!

I've considered the delivery and the issue of returns and I checked some places local to him and found this...


with this


and this


Total Cost - £469

Which leaves him £31 pounds for keyboard and mouse. I bought from them 6 or 7 years ago and I remember it being an ok experience.

Don't know what they're like now so is buying local better than the chillblast one?

  rdave13 17:11 19 May 2012

Personally I'd go for the Chillblast one. I know it's a bit more expensive but it has a much better spec. If you're worried about returns and not bothered about performance, as such, then go for the cheapest.

  birdface 19:21 19 May 2012

Maybe have a look in Amazon and E-buyer as both do free delivery.

  herrflick 19:55 19 May 2012

Thx for the input folks,

Had a look on ebuyer but couldn't find info on warranty.

I can't see past the chillblast one either but I'm gonna keep looking.


  rdave13 20:01 19 May 2012

I've been around and around and the specs (for future proofing as much as you can do!) brings me back to the Chillblast one. For the price and what you get I'll buy you a pint if you can find a better deal. :)

  herrflick 20:34 19 May 2012

The challenge is on rdave.

  herrflick 10:00 23 May 2012

Couldn't find anything better rdave so my bro ahs just gone and ordered the chillblast one. I guess I owe you a pint.

  rdave13 10:03 23 May 2012

Cheers.. :)

  herrflick 10:08 23 May 2012

On a different point...

How do you 'Resolve' a thread? Can't seem to find the resolved button?

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