A PC with a monitor for £400 to £500

  ade.h 18:26 21 May 2006

My neighbour popped round yesterday asking for advice about a new PC for home/office use. Nothing fancy, as he won't be doing much more than internet browsing and running his small business. He's found a Dell with £100 off, down to about £480, but wondered if anything else would match it. I said I doubted it, given the discount, and so far, I can only find PCs without monitors. Even with a budget monitor, they work out slightly more expensive for little or no gain. I have scoured Novatech and PCNextday and the only possible is this click here, which looks pretty good. The Dell - inexplicably - has a fire-breathing Pentium D, which does not make any sense in an ultra-budget PC. I thought that the Sempron 3000 would be more than sufficient for his needs.

Anyway, enough waffle; can anyone recommend a bargain PC - with monitor - for less than £500? Oh, and just to complicate matters, he said he'd like 0% finance if possible.

  Totally-braindead 18:34 21 May 2006

Have you looked at the Dell website they start at £299 including a monitor click here you have to choose not to accept the 3 year warranty to get that price however.

  ade.h 18:53 21 May 2006

I haven't looked at Dell at all yet; my neighbour had a Dell brochure with this special offer in it and he wanted some alternative brands beofre settling on Dell. Thanks for the link.

  Jimmy14 19:43 21 May 2006

It should be worth taking a look at Comets 40 desktop pc's with monitors ranging from £370 and upwards.
click here

  ade.h 20:02 21 May 2006

Hmmm, they're not bad. But the Dells and the PCNextday model have better spec for the same price.

  Totally-braindead 20:04 21 May 2006

Or perhaps have a look at PC Worlds offerings click here and perhaps consider also worth a look Woolworths click here also I did notice today in my store a PC reduced by £200 to £399 I think it was, didn't notice the spec but it might be worth a look and perhaps Tescos as well, unfortunatly their site appears to be down for maintenance.

  GaT7 20:05 21 May 2006

BT Shop are doing some very good deals on Dell PCs starting at just £129.99 (excl monitor) click here. Some are out of stock, but they may be available again soon click here.

Only 3 monitors listed though click here, & delivery on PCs is a hefty £19.99 click here. Even so they offer better value than the PCNextDay PC, & even better than what Dell themselves are offering (I think!). G

Some examples:

£300 (all incl)
2.6 Celeron PC @ £150 click here
+ 17" TFT @ 130 click here
+ delivery @ £20

£380 (all incl)
P4 3Ghz PC @ £230 click here
+ 17" TFT @ 130 click here
+ delivery @ £20

£480 (all incl)
P4 3.4Ghz PC @ £330 click here
+ 17" TFT monitor @ £130 click here
+ delivery @ £20

  keewaa 20:22 21 May 2006

Yea, those BT models are the last model, so they must be clearing out old stock .... but the difference between the 5100 and 5150 (or 3000 and 3100) is probably the colour of the underside of the motherboard! Great bargain!

Just remember the 1100/3000/3100 models have no graphics card slots and can't be upgraded in the future.

  ade.h 20:33 21 May 2006

Okay, thanks all.

PC World is out, as the nearest store is a fair distance away and is quite possibly the worst PC World store in the UK! He's already told me that he wants to avoid PCW and other high street stores.

Support is vital to him, so he wants a either a recognised brand (HP, Dell, etc.) or a build from a specialist PC e-tailer (Novatech, etc.)

I think I'll show him a couple of Dells and the PCNextday model and let him pick from those. The Dells will probably win because of the finance option as that's quite important to him.

  DrScott 09:53 22 May 2006

If he's running a small business, what kind of software will he be looking for? Most PCs only ship with MS works, which may be enough for him... otherwise, if you go the MS route, you're looking at an extra £200 or so for Office. Of course, openoffice is always a possibility?!

I would suggest you build him one ade.h, but for that price you'd be hard pushed to build a cheaper PC. Having said that I've just built a AMD Athlon 3200+ system for £520 including Windows XP (home) - so with a sempron it could get cheaper...

But sounds like he'd prefer a 'brand' box, so fair enough.. good luck!

  ade.h 14:47 22 May 2006

Yes, he'll be getting a copy of Open Office from me. I'll have to teach him how to use it.

He'll be around later hopefully, so I'll let you know what he picks.

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