PC Maintenance freeware like Wise Care 365 really helpful?

  avoir 11:30 02 May 2013

Recently my PC (Win7-64) got slower, which may be caused by more and more programs installed. When looking for solutions, friends suggested Wise Care 365, which is from http://www.wisecleaner.com

Then I found Wise Care 365 was also recommended by PCAdvisor afficially, the website of which is http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/downloads/3328892/wise-care-365-219/

So that gave me confidence to try it. I installed it and found it working fine.

I'd like to know whether anybody in this forum is using it too? Any experience or suggestions for me? Or other recommendations?

  Forum Editor 11:49 02 May 2013

"Then I found Wise Care 365 was also recommended by PCAdvisor afficially"

What you found was a review, not an official recommendation. I have no personal experience of using the product, so I can't comment, other than saying that the claim made by the developers on their website that "your old PC will transform into a brand new and blazing fast one after Wise Care 365's automatic cleanup and tune-up" is open to question.

  spuds 19:03 02 May 2013

I am one of those people that like experimenting with these type of programs. But be warned its not for the faint-hearted, because some of these type of programs can screw-up your computer if not used with care or consideration.

At present I have Wise Care 365, Advanced System Care (formally Windows System Care) and Toolwiz Care on my main computer. My opinion is that they all work on similar lines, with roughly the same selective modules.

If you use any or all of the above programs, then be very careful with the registry part, and try not to mess that up. I would suggest that for the registry clean-up, then use CCleaner which is quite safe.

One thing I would suggest, is don't expect miracles and supposedly super internet speeds with these programs, because they will only do what they can, the rest is for you to do what's possible?.

  onthelimit1 19:38 02 May 2013

Have tried all sorts and, for consistently good results with no negatives, only use CCleaner.

  spuds 21:00 02 May 2013

*Jock1e* The program Wise Care 365 mentioned and the others that I mentioned are available as paid or free versions. I use the free versions, and so far the free versions seem to work very well, and worth a try.

  martd7 23:00 02 May 2013

Agree with onthelimit1 use ccleaner,ive never had any speed increase after using various tune up programs,they hog the system and indeed can do damage if not used correctly

cant go wrong with ccleaner

  avoir 04:00 03 May 2013

to Editor:

Yes your comments are rigorous enough. Ain't all the promotional posters of this kind hyperbolic? I do need a brand new laptop:D

Anyway, what's your secret to optimize the PC? Can you share?

  avoir 04:22 03 May 2013

to spuds:

Thanks for your great sharing! I have also heard of the tools you mentioned. Similar products of course. But I can't have them all installed in my PC since that may even do an opposite job as I originally wished ...

The Wise Care 365 was recommended first, so I'd like to know more from other users, not expecting a dangerous stuff 0_0

When I was trying the free version, I found there so many options... Yes you are right, I have to be careful otherwise the result won't be what I want... Any ideas about the options? Which ones should be checked and which ones not? Lost...

To Editor: Hello again,

One more question: What's the difference between a review and a recommendation?

  sunnystaines 07:21 03 May 2013

i use the advanced system care as mentioned by spuds very pleased with it but do not use reg clean functions except in ccleaner.

  sunnystaines 07:22 03 May 2013

i think using too many many undo each others work as they may optise differently.

used to get that with ASC & WinAso bothe undid what the other changed

  iscanut 11:53 03 May 2013

Review = " this is what it does and these are the features " Recommendation = Buy it Obvious really !

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