PC keeping me awake?

  astral traveller 20:28 18 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 20:28 18 Jan 2003

This is not realy a "techie" question so thought I'd post it here.
I use a pc at work for several hours a day - mainly email and word processing. I also use my home pc in the evenings and at weekends for various things - this site quite a bit lately. I try to quit in the evenings about an hour and a half before I go to bed - bed at about 12.15.a.m. I don't have too much trouble getting off to sleep, but I wake up early, sometimes 5 or 6 a.m. I do feel I need more sleep as I feel tired in the day. This has only started happening in the last couple of years as my pc usage has increased. Does anyone else experience this or is just a sign of old age?

  Rumple 20:40 18 Jan 2003

i do to

  jediknight007 21:05 18 Jan 2003

What time did you used to wake up at then? And did you used to still wake up at 5 to 6am even when you went to sleep earlier like 10pm?

  astral traveller 21:25 18 Jan 2003

I have used to wake at about at 7.a.m. - for work. Have always gone to bed at around midnight. I now wake at about 5 or 6 - usually go off back to sleep but sometimes not.

  Djohn 21:34 18 Jan 2003

astral traveller, as we get older, we need less sleep. Although this is a generalisation of the question, it can reduce from 8 hours to 5 or 6 without any ill effects. J.

  astral traveller 23:04 18 Jan 2003

Thanks, but I'm kn..kered during the day so I don't reckon I'm getting enough sleep. Does this mean I will - God forbid - have to cut down on my pc usage?

  Horta 01:04 19 Jan 2003

There was an article in one of the papers last week or so saying that over 5 hours a day of exposure to/working with a pc could be the cause of depression. I use a pc all day at work and some evenings at home, late even like now. The only depression I suffered was when my home one developed problems, fixed mainly with the advice of folk in the Helproom.
I wake in the mornings when the alarm goes off always promising that "Oh yes tonight I'll be in bed early" then by bed time that well known medical condition sets in: "second wind" and I don't mean flatulence!

  spuds 13:04 19 Jan 2003

I was reading an article recently, and some very different oppinions were evident, from the various experts.In the whole it suggested that the older we get, our body time clocks differ, depending on our work pattern and physical/mental state.The article also mentioned the fact that it was getting very worrying as to the state of some peoples driving standards.Evidence as shown that some people who are slightly 'stressed out'are more likely to have 'cat naps'of a few seconds whilst driving, without any knowledge that this is happening.Personally,due to change of habit, I can survive on about 5 hours per day.

As a thought, have you got seriously, mentally involved in a pc activity before retiring to bed, and this as possibly kept your mind active.

  Andsome 14:28 19 Jan 2003

Just a thought, but a little bit of hankey pankey can work wonders.

I must admit that I too have got into a habit of beating the alarm clock by an hour or so each morning!

I have my PC set to turn on before I wake up (Usually) and run various housekeeping tasks. I think that the knowledge that it is there, email waiting to be delt with, when I start to wake encourages me to get up and see to it rather than lie in bed!

I also find that I am "Bang awake" - no half sleep, just wake up and out of bed straight away to see to the computer.


See Andsome!!

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