PC Hard Drive Screws

  Zak 21:47 30 Mar 2004

Apart from Maplins does anyone know where else I could buy a set of assorted PC screws for mounting hard drives etc..

I tried my local Maplins but no joy. You can buy online but p&p makes this non cost effective unless buying other items.

I have Googled but unable to get the right words?

  TomJerry 00:43 31 Mar 2004

I bought a bag of all kind of screws for PC sometime ago (sorry do not remember where). Maybe you need to widen your search, not only hdd screws. The shop I normally use, overclokers click here, overclock click here, thecoolingstore, click here, ebuyer click here, try them.

In the course of building PC's for friends and family I have ended up with a large collection of "assorted screws" (Always wondered where they were supposed to go) Mail me (use the envelope) and I will gladly send you a load.

Also, by the same principle, any local PC shop will have thousands of them lying around. Pop in and ask them for a handful or two - may cost a couple of quid at best and the shop sure wont need them all.

  edstowe 08:23 31 Mar 2004

If your local Maplin store doesn't stock these items (surprising!), ask them to get some in for you. Did you ask at the store? They have lots of items that are too small or hum-drum to put on display.

Maplin are normally very obliging and have a good customer service record. They should be able to get any catalogue item very quickly, provided it is in stock at their depot.


  Aspman 10:07 31 Mar 2004

Local computer fair maybe?

  Hyperangelic 11:09 31 Mar 2004

Try your local computer shop. Most shops throw them out because they keep getting more.

I recently popped into a bike shop to buy a hex key set and the guy told me to hang on for a minute and then came out with a bag full of them. They get them with every item they fit and they just bin them.

It's worth a go!

Recently saw packets of screws in the upgrade section of PC World.The price asked made me go pale, but in an emergency well worth considering.

  Diemmess 17:29 31 Mar 2004

Try local hardware/ tool suppliers/ DIY/engineering fastners.

The ones you want are a fine metric pitch and diameter, not self tappers like the case screws.

Most people who have ever bought a case, have the makings of a collection in a wee polybag afterwards.

Another possibility is you local computer repair shop.

Whatever, take one with you to match and for that matter if you have more than one HD or CD, you can rob Peter and lend to Paul for the moment.

  SANTOS7 17:35 31 Mar 2004

click here Hey Zak try here, maybe what your looking for

  fuzzyone 17:38 31 Mar 2004


if you want to e-mail me and pay the postage I will gladly send you dozens of different screws for pc assembly.

  Zak 22:01 31 Mar 2004

Thanks to you all and especially to Smiffy99 and fuzzyone for their kind offers. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I have taken them both up on their kind offers.

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