PC for Granny

  GranAED 10:25 08 Jun 2007

Hello - I was hoping for advice on what PC/laptop to buy my grandparents. They're in their 80s and have never used a computer at all! They used to have email via BT's easicom but the service was withdrawn and for some months they've felt very isolated. I think the only way forward is for them to get a computer (unless anyone has any other suggestions?). It needs to be something very basic and easy to use. I guess a laptop would be easier for storage too and would be less intrusive for them but isn't essential.

If anyone has any ideas for a way to get my grandparents back on email I would be most greatful if you could share.. Thanks a lot!

  The Brigadier 10:33 08 Jun 2007

Go to Comet or PC World.

  Dizzy Bob 10:54 08 Jun 2007

click here

How about this?


  wee eddie 11:09 08 Jun 2007

But I think that a Mac might be better for them.

Much simpler to operate than a PC, fewer options and almost everything included.

  spuds 11:26 08 Jun 2007

When you say grandparents, this can be a little confusing as to their capability and general daily activity. Laptops are easy to store, and are very light, but they can also suffer injury if not used in the correct environment. Desktops are more robust and contain items of a bigger and more solid nature, they are also easily upgradeable. Screen images, depending on monitor size, can alway be a saviour for ageing eyesight.

I would suggest that a mutual visit to one of the larger retailers would possibly provide an answer as to needs. Whatever the decision, make sure that the after-sales service is going to be ideal for the purpose. And remember, that the final decision, always pay by credit card or interest free finance package for added security and peace of mind. Some grandparents still like the payment by cash angle ;o)

  GranAED 11:37 08 Jun 2007

Thanks all - v helpful. Must admit I hadn't even thought of a mac - will look into it. Agree, an on site shopping trip with the oldies in tow is looking necessary..

  wee eddie 11:58 08 Jun 2007

A broadband connection could be a considerable drain if their finances are tight.

If my Mother is anything to go on, that information will be hard to come by, so you may have to be extremely obtuse in finding out.

Remember that their income is probably fixed and possibly even reducing, so any extra expense may be a worry to them, but pride would probably stop them telling you that. Tread carefully.

  Quiet Life 18:16 08 Jun 2007

The cheapest current models available would be perfectly adequate for internet and say typing letters. Macs are still overpriced and unless you are familiar with them best avoided.

  wee eddie 18:44 08 Jun 2007

I was actually thinking more of the very superior User Friendliness of a Mac.

I am not that certain that most of us would quibble over a couple of hundred quid when one is setting up an aged parent with something as complex as a Computer. Anyway, when starting from scratch and considering the software you would need to buy, the Mac is only marginally more expensive than a PC.

I do not expect an argument over Free Programs here, we've all been there and anyway it'll need to be fully integrated, as we are talking about setting up a couple that have passed the "Four-Score Years" and heading for the "and Ten" bit.

  Quiet Life 18:58 08 Jun 2007

wee eddie The point I was trying to make was that if Graned is not familiar with Macs it would be very difficult to teach people in their 80's about them.
I introduced an 82 year old to PCs and it was hard. However five years later his Pentium 1000 is still going strong and he seldom needs the help that he first needed. Outlook Express is pretty user friendly once one has got the hang of it and I do not nelieve a mac would be the answer in this case.

  ROYSTERO 19:30 08 Jun 2007

A desktop with a decent size monitor.At their age the last thing they want is to be screwing up their eyes,getting headaches etc.

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