Is this PC good value for money for gaming?

  cwbedford8185 13:40 16 Jul 2009

My sister recently purchased this PC to play games on:

click here=

I'm thinking of getting the same.

Is it good value for money?

If not, where could I get a better PC?
Am i better off looking in shops or online?

I'm looking to spend £400 - £500.

Thanks for your help.

  I am Spartacus 14:06 16 Jul 2009

I would guess that the Nvidia 7100 graphics adapter has about enough power to run Solitaire;o)

  cwbedford8185 14:08 16 Jul 2009

lol - thanks.

Well, i saw it running the Sims 3 pretty well yesterday.

What would i need to look for?

  I am Spartacus 14:17 16 Jul 2009

It depends on which games you're planning on playing.

You could try looking at Cougar Extreme click here or adding a better card to the one you're looking at if it has a slot for it.

  mrwoowoo 22:15 16 Jul 2009

"Is this PC good value for money for gaming?"
The Sims 3 is one of the least demanding games graphically that you can buy.
That PC won't play almost any other new games.
If you're on a budget then add a better card to it as 'I am Spartacus' suggests.
The best cheapy to run modern games at medium settings would be something like this.

click here
This PC is much better value,but you would need to add an operating system.

How about this - click here. It'a an excellent package to get started with.

Add a graphics card, monitor and PSU, and it shouldn't come to much more than £500, but would be an excellent gaming machine.


Graphics card - click here is a superb card but if not, then the one from mrwoowoo's link.

PSU - click here or click here (The latter ideally)

Monitor - well, take your pick - click here

  GaT7 20:33 19 Jul 2009

[email protected]'s suggestion is a good one.

However, I'd get this HD4850 click here for £67 (with the free del option) & a better PSU in the form of a Coolermaster 460W eXtreme Power click here for £39.

If you need to cut costs a bit to accommodate a monitor, a HD 4670 click here would be a suitable alternative without having to buy a better PSU.

Also, you'll want to get in touch with eBuyer or PCNextday click here (Zoostorm's manufacturer) to determine what their warranty terms are regarding opening the case & installing your own components. G

  So Afraid 20:18 20 Jul 2009


That card has jumped in price,the HD4850 one.

click here

  GaT7 21:36 20 Jul 2009

So Afraid, it has indeed, as it was very popular I would imagine! G

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