PC gone wrong

  adamcoppard 20:58 24 May 2007

If my PC has gone truly wrong (brought from PCWorld in Januray this year) and have tried all of TheTechGuys help, reinstalled Windows (using HP tools) and been into PCWorld with it a few times where they admited that they had no idea what was going wrong, where do I stand on taking it back? Can I ask for my money back, or do I have to have it reconditioned?



  Kate B 21:04 24 May 2007

PC World has a right to send it off for repair, but if they've already said they don't know what's wrong with it and they can't fix it, then yes, you should get your money back.

  Dizzy Bob 21:58 24 May 2007

When you say it has gone wrong, can you be more specific with the issue. We may be able to help.

What model is it?


  wee eddie 23:12 24 May 2007

Give us the lowdown. Starting from the beginning, What did you do? What happened? and When? etc.

  adamcoppard 07:25 25 May 2007

Ok, model, HP m.7655.uk.a with XP MCE.
Every time (randomly) the PC shuts down or sometimes after an update I will get
The memory could nto be read.
Terminate Debug Cancel

Once rebooted have to reinstall all drivers (audio) for PC, and, have to reboot 4 or 5 times for errors to go away. Started in March, when they took my PC and said they couldn't find anything, followed, by another complaint, on which they gave me THeTechGuys number. Apart from the fact that he didn't listen at all then, he just said resore winows on Sunday, which of course, did, and the error is still returning. THe next person also asked me to try a cmd command, sfc /scannow
which didn't help as I have no XP disk (which is needed for the last few.)

  jack 08:06 25 May 2007

This time they had better change for a new one.
The opportunity to get down to it and do a 'repair 'has long gone
This should have happened the first time you took it in
I guess it could be possible to say you were not firm enough with them - easy - nice people willing to help you, you not absolutely sure what it was- how could you be, they sure weren't and they are the 'experts'

So this time be armed with all the facts - documented to lay before then ,and insist- New replacement - or else.

  wee eddie 09:39 25 May 2007

It rings no bells on Google

  jolorna 10:56 25 May 2007

was it a refurbished computer you bought

  adamcoppard 18:06 25 May 2007

Nope, not refirbuished. Completely brand spanking new. Out of the box. Of course, after reading up on laws today would it be possible to return and get my money back on either of the following
1) Sales of Faulty Goods Act (been happening for all its life)
2) Not Fit For Purpose, obviously as drivers have to be reinstalled etc.
Can I just get my money back? As, the worst comes to the worst I would rather pick me own or build my own?

  adamcoppard 18:09 25 May 2007

This is the model. click here

  jolorna 21:22 25 May 2007

is it running xp or vista

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