PC (Evesham/Mesh/Jo-bloggs In Time for Christmas?

  AnthonyB 23:07 07 Nov 2004


I am thinking of giving my brother my pc for Christmas, but I will need to order a new one before I give him this one. Any one have any idea how long places like Evesham/Mesh/Carrera/Watford etc etc would take to deliver? - As I don't want to order one at this moment, because GFX cards aren't always in stock (especially the Radeon X800XT ones), and if the place I order from has a card like that configured - probably by me, won't they send the PC until they have the card in stock? - Same too with processors.



  janze 23:11 07 Nov 2004

Evesham delivered my pc (up-graded from "off the shelf") less than a fortnight after it was ordered!

  AnthonyB 23:15 07 Nov 2004

Thanks Janz,

I should get one delivered from them (Evesham)if I order 1st week in december then? - or is it a bit more hectic come Christmas time?.



  Forum Editor 00:30 08 Nov 2004

look forward to an increase in sales during the lead-up to Christmas. The extent to which this happens is unpredictable of course, but you would be well-advised to place your order before the first week in December if you expect delivery before Christmas.

  AnthonyB 02:22 08 Nov 2004

Thanks FE, much appreciated:)


  961 17:40 08 Nov 2004

Sooner the better really just in case anything is wrong when it arrives

Make sure you test it straight away on delivery

  Stuartli 17:55 08 Nov 2004

Mesh delivered a system I ordered in under three weeks exactly on the day promised.

  spuds 18:56 08 Nov 2004

Best to contact one or all of the manufacturers that you have in mind, and ask them the specific questions that you require answers too.They should then be able to confirm prices,delivery and any possible shortcomings of components.

You usually find that the sales lines are better manned than the support-service lines, so you should get a quick response.

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