PC Case Recommendations

  BaboonBoy22 16:09 01 Nov 2010

My brain seems unable to make a decision as to what type of case I want. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend some?

I'm going to be scaling down my desktop and use it as a home server/desktop. Some thing that would look nice in a living room so nothing too garish but I'm still a sucker for the black with blue lights. lol

I was thinking about the Thermaltake Mozart TX case but as this is now discontinued and there aren't that many about.

(I have a Thermaltake Shark case at the moment and it does look a bit out of place, plus with the open mesh panel on the side it's quite noisy and being a full tower it's a bit on the large side).
Any help would be great

  GaT7 17:30 01 Nov 2010

Check out Lian Li cases click here. They make lovely black (& silver) all-aluminium ones, some with blue lighting as well.

What kind of components do you need to fit in it? Especially the motherboard - mATX / ATX / other? I notice the Thermaltake Mozart TX can house TWO motherboards - is this something you're looking for? G

  BaboonBoy22 17:41 01 Nov 2010

I have an ATX board, 1x 2.5" and 1x 3.5" HDD and 3x ODD's but don't really need all 3 anymore, 2 would be nice but not a must.
I did use an Aplus Black Media Center Case at one point but it was badly made and a real pain in the bum to try and get everything in.
I'll have a look at the Lian Li's, thanks Crossbow7

I've always quite liked the cases that CoolerMaster makes.

click here for example is certainly worth considering. click here and click here are some reviews of it for you to read.

  BaboonBoy22 10:57 02 Nov 2010

As I'm going to be using this for a home server ie left on all the time, I wonder if there are any designed for this purpose.
So what I'm getting at is one that's small enough to not be an eye sore, large enough to fit an atx board etc and cool enough to have it run 24/7.
But I'm guessing that's what everyone wants out of a case, so I'm stating the obvious.. I'll shut up ;-)

with the size. You say "one that's small enough to not be an eye sore", yet the case you said you would have ideally liked is absolutely humongous! (click here) Therefore the case I suggested is, by comparison, tiny, yet much bigger than others that are out there.

The other features you specify (hold ATX board, cool enough to run 24/7) are common on most cases.

  BaboonBoy22 13:40 02 Nov 2010

Yea that case is a contradictory to what I've described. The reason I considered that case was it's description as a server/media centre case.
One of these HTPC cases would be good, but I'm not sure whether they are that good thermally speaking.

I wouldn't be too concerned about getting a case that specifically states it is designed for servers - every case should have enough vents to provide adequate cooling for a PC when running under peak load, server case or otherwise. Running your computer for a prolonged time doesn't really cause the temperature to continually increase - it will reach an operating temperature and generally just hover around that. Chances are your server will just be idling most of the time and not generating that much heat anyhow. The only thing that would be advisable is to give it the occasional clean to get all the dust out that will inevitably build up in the fans and begin to clog them up.

Cases that are labelled for use as servers are designed to be able to accommodate many hard drives etc. since large networks (e.g. a University with tens of thousands of users) will require massive amounts of storage. For a home server, this is really not necessary.

Just a final thought, I'm not sure exactly what you want to do with your server, but have you considered instead just buying a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive. It's basically a hard drive that you connect to your router so that all the computers on the network can access the files. Would be a much more efficient alternative to leaving a full computer running 24/7, that is if it caters for your needs.

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