PC building - it's the [email protected] whiskers!

  Bargee 19:57 12 May 2003

Just done the 1 day PC Assembly course for beginners at the Computer Assembly Training School ([email protected]) in Banbury. Although step-by-step articles in the mags are very good, there's nothing like getting stuck in under supervision on a machine that's not yours for bolstering the old confidence.
The level of instruction was excellent with the components & their relationship explained as you disassemble & reassemble the PC. We configured the PC in BIOS & installed the OS, in this case Windows XP Home edition. Those of you who may have read my previous postings relating to XP will be surprised to know that after having a play & reading some of the information about it on screen during the install & the activation notes, I have found the OS quite surprising. AND I've moderated my opinions to quite a degree.

The course may seem on the pricey side at around the £80 mark, but the insight you get can't be gleaned as easily from articles. As I say, you can't beat getting your hands "dirty".

Thanks to [email protected] for a most enjoyable & interesting day.


  crx1600 20:06 12 May 2003

sounds good.

may i ask, what was their advice as to earthing yourself/leaving PC plugged in.

  Bargee 20:21 12 May 2003

They utilised a power cable with the + & - pins removed (cables cut back naturally) in the place of the normal power lead plugged into the PCs power socket & the mains. You then had an anti-static wrist strap attached to the case on a crocodile clip. Much better than a wrist strap with plug attached ala Maplin's item. You get much more freedom of movement.

  crx1600 20:24 12 May 2003


  Mysticnas 21:29 12 May 2003

i'm going to rebuild mine into a new motherboard.

Isn't it simple?

I thought if i just follow the intructions provided with the motherboard i can just plug and play.

There's something i heard about when you put a motherboard in that worried me a little tho.

the manual explains, but i just wanna make sure.

something about some metal bracket sticking out and you have to make sure it doesn't make contact with summat.

Do you know anything about that?

  vaughan007 08:52 13 May 2003

£80 for a one day course is fairly expensive.

If anyone else is thinking about taking a course like this, may I suggest a longer term course at your local college.

You can normally get about a 30 week course (3 hours a week) for about £100

However, if your just bone idle go for a one day course :P

  Bargee 13:49 13 May 2003

A tad unfair methinks. Sure IF you can find a suitable course at a local college, there are absolutely none for this type of course in my area, & you want to take the time that's fine.

To designate people like myself as "bone idle" because we want to do it one bite is grossly unfair. Perhaps the same could be said of those who would prefer to take the extra time & possibly more in depth type of training, but that would be unfair too.

Each to their own.

  -pops- 13:58 13 May 2003

A bone idle person wouldn't bother to shell out the 80 quid in the first place.

A very unfair comment, vaughan007.

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