PC Advisor's Expert Advice Hotline

  powerless 21:03 13 Apr 2003

I was just going through the Helpline pages in the May 2003 magazine and seen the...

"PC Advisor's Expert Advice Hotline"

Well i've seen this many, many times in this months magazine, last months and the month before that and so on.

I was just wondering if anyone has ever used it?


"It was ok"?



Believe it or not i have actually used this at 10pm when i had an internet problem. I'm not very good on times but i used it about 2 years ago (i think). I was not a member back then...

Errr...Managed to fix the probelm myself.

Anyone took the £19.80 Voucher?

I know you can post a problem on here instead of phoning but still anyone used it?

  accord 22:17 13 Apr 2003

up to the top

i havent used but have often wondered who has.

  Goldcroft 23:51 13 Apr 2003

Good point Powerless. I do hope it's not the forum editor moonlighting. He works hard enough already.

  ams4127 20:31 14 Apr 2003

I've never used it either but have often wondered, like you, if anyone had.

I've usually managed to fix mine by the old principle of trial and error. My most recent success was with a HDD which was making very strange noises, showing loads of bad clusters, refusing to boot and seemed destined for the scrap dump. I actually went out and bought a new one, it was that bad. I cured it by the simple expedient of mounting it the other way up!! It now behaves like a new one again! No noises, no bad clusters and no trouble booting.

Would the helpline have suggested that? I think not. It wouldn't be in their database.

The FE with his wisdom, however, might well have done!

  Markus 16:33 15 Apr 2003

I used the "Expert Advice Hotline" once when my old computer decided to play up. I had a total shut down and could not get my machine to reboot.The cost to me to be told what I already knew was £12+. Never again. I stripped the computer down rebuilt it and it now works. Never did find out what caused the initial problem.

  snoresloudly 17:31 15 Apr 2003

I think the help line was setup when this forum was in its infancy, most views would be why pay for a help line service when you can post on here 24/7 and in most instances have a solution within the hour!. perhaps PCA could close it down and use the money saved to re-open the games room!! LOL.
As some one who has been with PCA since the very first issue I have normally found that the help pages covered the most common faults/solutions and also made for some interesting reading. I am sure that PCA did not realise just how big and succesful this forum would become in those days.

  Murray 13:38 10 Jun 2003

It's also possible that only a fraction on PCA readers visit this site (shock horror, but it may be true.)

So there would be little point in a forum-regular to phone up a premium number, but maybe for the less computer-savvy it might seem better.

I could be wrong of course...

  wee eddie 18:59 10 Jun 2003

The Problem was solved each time.

If I remember, at £1.50 per minute, which is good value if the problem is solved in under 10 minutes or so.

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