Jimmy14 13:56 28 Jan 2007

The selling channel "Ideal World" was selling a mesh desktop pc today and they had a shelve of awards behind the pc saying "PC ADVISOR BEST BUY". This is live right now. People buying it will think Mesh is a excellent company because of the numerous awards broadcasted from PCADVISOR AND PC PRO. It looks a good pc too and the guy had a demo of windows vista premium edition going on it.

click here

  The Brigadier 14:03 28 Jan 2007

Good luck to anyone who buys one then!

  martd77 14:29 28 Jan 2007

it was on qvc as well,ive just posted a thread about it in speakers corner

  anchor 14:39 28 Jan 2007

I don`t think that anyone would argue that basically Mesh make good machines, and they are good value.

The main problems that I read on these pages are connected with customer support. The presence of Davey of Mesh, on the forum has helped.

  Totally-braindead 15:04 28 Jan 2007

Agree with what you say anchor but it does appear that many people that have problems do not get very good service from Mesh.
I'm not being anti Mesh and I'm sure many have had PCs that have run for years with no problems but judging by some of the postings, if things do go wrong you can end up in a terrible mess.
Davey is a boon to Mesh but its sad that people end up having to come here to get there problems sorted out.

  Stuartli 16:33 28 Jan 2007

The PC Advisor awards for various systems that have been reviewed and being offered for sale on the TV shopping channels have been regularly displayed for several years now.

  spuds 18:00 28 Jan 2007

If a computer magazine gives awards to a computer manufacturer, then why not display this fact as a possible sales promoter. Because that's what it there for!!.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:17 28 Jan 2007

The awards are given to the machines (and they are good value) not any after sales service. I thought that this would be obvious.


  Jimmy14 18:28 28 Jan 2007

Since you are quick enough to correct others when they so call "misread your posts" I will enforce this on you. I will remind you that in my first post I said "People buying it will think Mesh is a excellent company because of the numerous awards". What I was meaning, If people who aren't advanced in computers or don't know much about them they will think that the highlighted computer was excellent to buy which it is but after the hundreds of problems people have with Mesh' products they won't know about that and jump into buying it. Even the woman hosting the show said "They are a well respected company who have been going for 20 years and if you have any problems phone their dedicated technical support line and get it fixed straightaway".

  Trikie 18:29 28 Jan 2007

Gandalf - is it obvious? Advice when buying many technical products is to go to a local dealer so that in the event of any problems you can get personal service.

As this does not usually apply to the purchase of computers then the quality of after the sales sevice must be a consideration in deciding from where to buy.

This means that any assessment or recommendation should take into account the level of after sales service.

  spuds 18:43 28 Jan 2007

I believe Comet now sell Mesh computers. Wonder what the after-sales service is provided via that route!.

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