PC advisor subscription : no more CD's?

  Zerogravity 22:47 02 Jul 2011

I am trying to renew my subscription for PC Advisor, but as before I could chose CD or DVD version, now it seems there is no choice anymore. It doesn't even accept my subscription number, probably because I've subscribed to the CD version. Is the only version of PC Avisor on offer for subscription the DVD version?

  spuds 13:11 03 Jul 2011

The simple answer is most probably yes, because most magazines changed to dvd ages ago.

Email them direct or hope that the subscription department pick this thread up, and then resolve the issues for you.

  wee eddie 13:50 03 Jul 2011

CD/DVD ~ Total waste ~ for me that is.

Want to buy a copy that has neither, if I wanted a Toy, I'd have gone to Hamleys.

  961 16:30 03 Jul 2011

wee eddie

For once, after all these years, I agree with you!!

I just don't remember getting software from a magazine disk that added value to the magazine purchase

But having read the publisher's arguments about the cost difference I basically think if the cd/dvds were done away with altogether the price of the magazine would fall by more than, err, well, 10p?

PC magazines are finding life difficult

  Zerogravity 20:05 03 Jul 2011

I am not looking at having the CD or DVD, usually I am not using them. But the subscription with CD was cheaper than the subscription with DVD. If they don't want to use CD's anymore, maybe they should do a version with just the magazine. The price difference always stopped me to buy the DVD version. More as a matter of principle. Why should I decide to pay extra for something I never use?

  HondaMan 20:15 03 Jul 2011

They could always make it a "virtual disc" like, I think PC Magazine so that you can download it, or parts of it if you want to

  Covergirl 15:08 04 Jul 2011

We get Business / Beauty / Fashion / Wedddings / Educational supplements in our weekly paper and they all go the same way - recycle bin before reading.

Despite having had several copies of PCA in the last few years, I've not inserted a cover DVD as everything I could possibly want is now available off of the Web.

However, I perceive that a percentage of magazine readers will find something interesting on the disc and a small percentage might even buy a product off of a demo or restricted version, and subsequently PCA will receive a small percentage of that income as a payment of thanks. I think it's called advertising. ;)

Get enough and they do make quite good bird scarers when strung out on a length of string

As for a CD version . . . WHY?

  Matt Egan 14:31 05 Jul 2011

Zerogravity I'm afraid we no longer offer a CD subscription, for the prosaic reason that there was very little demand. We do still produce a few CD versions for the newsstand, but even there sales of the DVD version far outstrip the CD edition. Removing the disc altogether is certainly an option, it's one we trial from time to time, but it doesn't have quite the effect on the cover price you might imagine (as 961 points out). It makes sense for us to keep the price as low as possible - it's better to sell a lot of something for a smaller price - but the fact is right now the vast majority of our readers vote for the DVD edition. And we do derive a small amount of income from trials on discs, but it really isn't significent. It's more a case of it being a good way of getting decent trials (there are always around 10 full programs). We'll keep testing the waters for a disc-free mag, and trying to keep the price as low as possible, and in the mean time you can continue to enjoy the UK's best-read technology magazine website, and Europe's largest online technology forum... FREE OF CHARGE!

Here endeth the advert.


  Zerogravity 17:50 05 Jul 2011

Thanks Matt, I will probably subscribe again at a later date, but I will leave it at that for now.

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