PC Advisor subscription headphones not received

  dealyboy 12:41 04 Feb 2011

I am reluctantly starting this thread in the Consumerwatch forum as I have been a friend to PC Advisor for many years.

I re-started my subscription in September 2010, following an invitation e-mail with the promise of free headphones from Breo. Since October I have e-mailed Subscription Services five times only to be informed that my ‘gift is currently enroute’ (October), that they ‘have arranged for a replacement to be dispatched’ (November), ‘due to the recent adverse weather conditions there may be delays’ (December) and a week ago:

‘Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused in receiving your subscription gift.

Unfortunately deliveries has been delayed. We do hope to despatch the gift within the next 28 working days.

I would like to assure you that this is not the normal service we wish to portray and that this delay is totally out of our control. However we do understand the unnecessary inconvenience that this is causing our subscribers and hope to rectify it as soon as possible.

I am truly sorry for the frustration this has caused but do hope that you are enjoying the magazine.’ (I ended my subscription in December).

To quote Matt Egan from his comment in the Helproom ‘PC Advisor Subscription’ thread: “I can assure you that we don't 'advertise a free gift and then not honour the promise'. PC Advisor is part of IDG, the world's largest technology media company with more than 300 magazines in more than 190 countries - we're not in the habit of ripping people off!” (22/11/2010).

  iscanut 13:17 04 Feb 2011

Join the club of irritated customers who took ages to get the advertised gift.

  Forum Editor 14:19 04 Feb 2011

but that isn't going to get you very far.

I've asked someone who can get some action to look into this - watch this space for further information.

  Forum Editor 15:24 04 Feb 2011

and confirm that the email address you've used to register in the forum is the same one you have on your subscription account?

  spuds 15:29 04 Feb 2011

Perhaps in defense of PCA, other computer magazines possibly suffer from the same misfortunes?.

I re-commenced a subscription to another computer magazine last year, on the promise of a specific free computer book as part of the subscription deal. Magazine turned up, but no free gift, so a month later I contacted the magazines subscription department. Four days later I received an email stating the book was no longer available, but they would send 'something else'.

I duly received two weeks later, a crumpled example of a book about XP. Now I wonder were that came from, as I wasn't very impressed. Subscription cancelled.

I wonder how many people did the same thing, or ever received their intended free gift?.

  Forum Editor 17:42 08 Feb 2011

Apparently our subscription department had already sent headphones. They obviously didn't arrive, so we've arranged for some more to go out to you.

Perhaps you'll post here when they arrive?

Then I can try to talk you into renewing the cancelled subscription.

  dealyboy 11:51 10 Feb 2011

I'm pleased to say that the headphones arrived this morning by Special Delivery.

Thank you for your intervention Peter (ed.).


  Forum Editor 12:46 10 Feb 2011

to Emma, our subscriptions manager, and I'll pass them on. I'm glad the headphones eventually arrived.

Now, about renewing that subscription....

  ethan1 10:37 13 Feb 2011

I also have been waiting since last September for my free headphones, this is now February and still no headphones, the last reply was Jan 24th saying they had sent yet again a replacement after waiting the yet again 20 days still not had them, this is obviously a scam and rip off, they are supposed to have sent five (5) lots out, I can't beleive that they have all gone astray in the post, shall cancel my subscription.

  Forum Editor 13:31 14 Feb 2011

I'm horrified to hear that you've waited so long for your headphones.

Please email me with your name and address, and if possible (but not necessarily) your subscription account number.

Mail me at: [email protected] and we'll sort this out for you.

  Forum Editor 20:49 15 Feb 2011

Thank you for the email. We're investigating, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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