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  sw-blue 14:01 02 May 2007

1st post on here and I just wanted to mention the service I had from PC advisor staff.

Having bought this months mag, which I found impressive, the DVD was found to be faulty so I rang the number given to order a replacement as it advises to do. I was told that no replacements could be given unless I was a subscriber, which I was not. I quoted the cover which states to phone that number for a replacement but to no avail and I was told to return to the shop. The shop is 70 plus miles away so I protested that this was unnacceptable. Finally, I was told that a replacement would be sent in these exceptional circumstances !! Surely, I can't have been the first to experience a faulty disc?

It gets better. Having registered myself on the PC Advisor website, an email was sent to me with my confirmation code and a link to click on. This I did, confirmed the details and was taken to a subscribe page. Reading that I could subscribe for £39.99 a year with a free Encyclopaedia Britannica I decided to take advantage of this, having not been put off by my earlier experience.

So I phoned up and subscribed. 10 minutes later I realised that no mention had been made of the free software so I phoned again to confirm and was told that the offer was no longer available and there was nothing that they could do or offer instead. So I unsubscribed, all of 10 minutes later !!

Somehow, the registration confirmation process is leading new users to a web page that is apparently out of date. Unfortunately no-one informed me when I rang the second time that there is now a new free gift of the Windows Vista Fast 50 techniques!! Aaahhh ...... I tried to be reasonable but if only they had mentioned that an alternative was in place I probably wouldn't have unsubscribed. Never mind, I will probably wait until a new offer becomes available as 50 quick tips for Vista isn't really inspiring as I guess most have already been published here and elsewhere.

Sorry to moan on first visit, but just relaying the incident and you've gotta laugh at the series of events , covering a period of only 30 minutes arising out of a single purchase of the mag !!!

.... Oh, and bye the way, don't click on the rolling advert on the subscription page to claim 3 free trial issues as it takes you to a page that asks for £9.99 for 3 issues !!!

  RickyC :-) 16:22 02 May 2007

With regard to the replacement disc - I'd like to apologise. The staff you spoke with are supposed to send replacement discs to all readers, if they require one - and are not supposed to limit this only to readers who have subscribed to the magazine. I have brought this up with them on countless occasions in the past and believed it to have been rectified. I'm alarmed that this is still going on and will investigate to ensure that other readers are not treated in this way.

Regarding the subscriptions gifts, I've made the Subscriptions Manager aware of this and he'll ensure the links are updated.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  tom_d 16:24 02 May 2007

Dear SW-Blue

I have just read your comments on attempting to order your subscription to PC Advisor. As the new subscriptions manager, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced.

Please be assured that I will look into the above personally and ensure that your subscription is handled effectively. Our gift incentives are currently in the process of being updated.

Please do send me a private reply so that I can take your details and ensure that your request is dealt with.

Kind regards

Subscriptions Manager

  spuds 17:02 02 May 2007

Welcome to the Forum sw-blue, and your first posting has mentioned your problems in a very amicable way, which have been answered in an equally professional amicably way. So top score there to all concerned.

Just to add my thoughts on the matter. I suppose sometimes certain people may request replacement DVD's for gratis, but have never purchased the magazine or took out a subscription, so perhaps the person taking the call was a little apprehensive!.

If you are not sure about sending a reply to Tom , then click on the yellow envelope beside the username tom_d, and this should provide a direct email communication link.

Hope that helps.

  Totally-braindead 17:56 02 May 2007

CD Editor so they are still doing this after all this time, they said the same to me some time ago and it appears they still don't know what they are meant to be doing. Rather poor that they still do this months later.

  RickyC :-) 18:02 02 May 2007

Believe me, I'm as annoyed as anyone about this - mostly because I take the phone calls and reply to emails from readers who have encountered this when trying to obtain a replacement disc.

As I said above, I'm investigating to find out exactly what's going on.

Cover Disc Editor

  grumpygramp 18:07 02 May 2007

If Tom D is dealing with it. It will be done , I had dealings with Tom last month and he was very helpful

  Forum Editor 18:36 02 May 2007

that both Richard and Tom are far from happy that you've been treated in this way, and I assure you they'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  Pine Man 19:12 02 May 2007

This is PCA at its very best.

Job very well done!

  sw-blue 03:40 05 May 2007

Well, thanks to all for the welcome and I'm pleased that my post wasn't seen as a pointless moan for no reason.

The points made in response are appreciated. Tom and Richard came back with well thought out replies and with no hint of defensiveness. I have replied to Tom privately on the matter as he suggested and that is the end of it as far as I'm concerned.

I'm now inclined to re-subscribe after all as this seems to be an honest and open site and the publishers seem to react to their customers appropriately.

I look forward to gaining some of the experiences of people on here as I consider myself to be on the low side of technical competence but on the higher side of the user experience .......

  setecio 09:16 05 May 2007

If you're worried about people claiming a DVD when they haven't actually bought the mag, why don't you instigate a simple code.

In a tiny box on a certain page in every issue, display a tiny box with a code in it (eg YHU) and then anyone who requests a replacement DVD is asked to read out the code on page ??

Well it would stop a larg proporion of free riders.

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