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  PC Advisor. 15:44 08 Jan 2003
  PC Advisor. 15:44 08 Jan 2003

Hi folks,

It's quote time again. Could you possibly take the time to vote in our poll and then comment on your choice here.


To recap:

Dixons recent disappointing sales figures are mainly due to:

1) Loss of consumer electronic and consumable sales to supermarkets.

2) A growing distaste for the aggressive sale of extended warranties

3) A general weakening of consumer confidence in the economy

4) Loss of consumer electronic and consumable sales to online retailers

5) Poor customer service from inadequately trained sales staff

6) Other

  €dstow 15:47 08 Jan 2003

What about all of these (possible exception of 6)


  simonp1 16:08 08 Jan 2003

What about No 7,competitors have increased their market share.

  BrianW 17:19 08 Jan 2003

Demand for electronics, computers etc. has reached the top plateau of the demand "S" curve. ie: the market has reached saturation until the next "must have" arrives. Until then, the main demand will be replacement / upgrade rather than first purchase. I don't actually know what they are complaining about - year on year sales are 1% up on last years exceptional figures. Once again. the stock-pickers and accountants fiddle the figures to "churn" the market place - so that, they at least, make a profit. ;>{{

  oresome 17:30 08 Jan 2003

As one made redundant in the last 12 months, I have not made any discretionary purchases recently. Suspect others, even in work are holding back on major expenditure. Wide media coverage of pension shortfalls will also be having an effect.

  piggy 19:01 08 Jan 2003

I just so happened to visit PCW in Aberdeen today and I realy feel that it has to be 4 & 5.
I went to look at scanners,I must say that the staff try to be helpful, but are sometimes let down by lack of product knowlege, but to the rescue came the knowlegable (as ever) security guard.I said I liked the scanner and that it was £20 cheaper on line, I was promptly offered £20 discount ! and yes I purchased it.

  ams4127 19:44 08 Jan 2003

I have a thought that the reason for the fall in sales of electronic goods in the lead up to Christmas may be more simple than any of the options in the survey, and it's this:

Why buy in December when you know damn well that the same item is going to be reduced in the January sales?

I've just got £50 off a DVD player by waiting a couple of weeks.

Seems obvious to me.

  Scarthy © ® ™ 20:30 08 Jan 2003

Although there is a slump in the buying markets of late, I cannot help but be drawn towards options 2 and 5 from the list. In my opinion Dixons (this includes Curry's and PC World)(Comet and Time also come to mind) have been more concerned with price fixing across the range of businesses and selling poor warranties that only really benefit the salesperson with a healthy bonus.

Without wanting to alienate a particular store, I will say that I have found all the stores mentioned above....Unhelpfull, unknowledgable and only interested in making a sale and even then wanting to cram a 5 year warranty (or equivelant) with it. The staff are also pushy and very unprofessional. They jump on you as soon as you enter the shop and then try (too hard) to talk the talk - And fail...

  wee eddie 20:44 08 Jan 2003

There is no other business that we, the punters, expect the sales staff to have such an in depth knowledge of products on the shelf. I think that we ware expecting too much of a group that is underpaid and expected to work anti social hours.

Suits you sir!

I have never had anything other than considerate and helpful service. Sometimes there is a shortfall on the esoteric knowledge front. But you go into a car showroom and ask wether the fuel pump from Model A. can be used in Model F. and see how detailed a reply you get. And thats for a product line that costs in the £10,000+ bracket.

I shall go for 3. My sales were down 18% this Christmas, but then we lost out to Breahead!

  Nigel_3 21:21 08 Jan 2003

I would go with all of the above. ...would you like a guarantee with that? If it goes wrong it COULD cost hundreds to fix!

Wake up and do those of us with bit of sense a favour. By the time the manufacturers 1 year guarantee has expired, any technological item is so out-of-date that it isn't worth repairing.

We live in a through-away and replace era.

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