PC Advisor poll: Wither Bluetooth?

  PC Advisor. 16:42 02 Jun 2003

Hi folks,

We're revisiting Bluetooth. Amidst all the publicity surrounding broadband and WiFi, poor old Bluetooth seems to have fallen by the way side.

In fact it's been nearly a decade since the PAN (personal area network) cable-killing standard was first proposed.

We'd like your views. Imminent success story or a victim of its own hype? What will be the single most important factor in its success? Any other questions we should be asking?

As ever, if you don't want to be quoted by your real name just say so and we will guarantee your anonymity.

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:20 02 Jun 2003

It seems to be one of those things that was a bit like firewire. There are a few people who use it, a few things that it seems useful for but nothing thats going to change the market.

The bigest use of it seems to be in phone handsets/wireless mice&keyboards but do they offer something so significantly different to what is already on the market?

If it could be used for something like wireless speakers that would be great and cut down on a lot of wires, but largely I doubt there are many people who have a genuine need for this technology. Isn't it just technology for technologies sake?

  bremner 19:40 02 Jun 2003

Betamax - Sinclair C5 - Laser Disks - 8 Track - Soda Stream - Bluetooth -......... Tablet PC's?

  recap 20:56 02 Jun 2003

Make the comparison between Bluetooth if you click here and WiFi if you click here

After reading the jargon from both of the above I think WiFi will outstrip Bluetooth by a mile and be here for some time.

  ams4127 21:06 02 Jun 2003

Well said Bremner.

  wee eddie 21:41 02 Jun 2003

Every review that I read of a piece of Bluetooth kit, was 2/3 about how to overcome the set-up problems and the reviewers failure to do so without help.

If set-up is that difficult it will never get beyond the Geeks, I'm afraid.

  TOPCAT® 22:22 02 Jun 2003

I rather think in-vehicle communications will determine the long-term success or failure of Bluetooth. Since Nokia introduced the first Bluetooth enabled phone last year, the whole world's car industry has scrambled to adopt it.
By any measure, this move alone should seal the commercial success of the technology.

Can't say the same for the PAN setup though. The jury is out on that one! TC.

  Belatucadrus 22:24 02 Jun 2003

Interesting spelling PC Advisor, Freudian slip or intentional ?

Wither " To dry up or shrivel as if from loss of moisture"

Whither "To what place result or condition"

If deliberate, I agree Bluetooth much hyped but largely irrelevant.

  Quiller. 22:53 02 Jun 2003

I agree with TOPCAT® in the best route for bluetooth is in car communications. The price to install the chips is minimum, about £8 I heard somewhere.

I don't know if I have my facts correct but the first edition of bluetooth was so slow and the range very questionable, about 10 meters? The new standard seems to be much improved, but seems to be superseded by newer technology.

Last year I was asked to set up 2 separate systems to accommodate the nokia 7650. These phones have the capability to talk to the P.C. I enfused over the latest technology of bluetooth and advised in getting the hardware. This is going to be the standard of tomorrow I said and you will be well placed to embrace the dawn of this communications phenomena.lol

I tried high and low to get the hardware I needed at an affordable price.I had a very difficult job just trying to find a supplier who had any in stock. In the end we went for Ir. Much cheaper and more reliable.lol

  fitshase 00:16 03 Jun 2003

Bluetooth in the phone world is fine - as long as the phone manufacturers make up their minds and standardise the whole thing.

1. Some headsets do not work with all bluetooth enabled phones.

2. Some car kits only work with certain phones (i.e., not all bluetooth phones are compatible).

3. Some phones which have bluetooth, but only for specific functions - the Nokia 7650 has bluetooth capability for data but not for voice (i.e., you can't use a bluetooth headset). The Nokia 6310i has bluetooth for a headset and data but you can't send a phone book entry via bluetooth.

As for bluetooth in the computer world, I think that it has too much competition from Wi-Fi. With the new, faster standards (802.11a and 802.11g) coming out, the slower 802.11b will become cheaper and more widespread.

People using bluetooth in their laptop to dial-up to the internet using their bluetooth mobile phone are now starting to use the wi-fi hotspots around the country (which are increasing daily).

With the introduction of 3G phones to access the internet and download e-mails, I think that the days of Bluetooth are numbered.

The only saving grace could be the car market - but they are cautious because of proposed laws to ban the use of mobile phones in cars.

I think that within 2 years, Bluetooth will have visited the dentist and been removed from our world.


  TOPCAT® 10:29 04 Jun 2003

This announcement may give a welcome boost to Bluetooth's fortunes. TC.

Quote: 'CHIP FIRM Advanced Micro Devices said it has designed a flash device which will speed the adoption of Bluetooth and GPS modules in personal digital appliances (PDAs)...'

click here

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