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  wetterfugal 01:11 10 Jan 2003
  wetterfugal 01:11 10 Jan 2003

In my opinion, the answer sticks out a mile, The extended warranty 23% I am sure will not effect the sales, after all the sale has already been made. It is only us techies that see the worth of extended warranties. Being a techie can have it's disadvantages, see later.

The economic situation 23.3% will not stop us from buying our toys. The fist thing we get when we have no money is a television set. The second is debt.

On line purchasing 13% only effects those who have an Internet connection, and only a small percentage of those who do.

The ignorant sales persons 40.3% are coming out tops so far and I could not agree more, about the ignorance that is not the reason why Dixons have only a 1% rise in profits last year the average customer cant recognise ignorance.

No, I think that the reason is that the supermarkets are selling electronics at a very cheap rate. I have been in radio and television servicing and latterly in radio communications all my life since I left school and I will shortly reach my 71st birthday.

Running behind me is the new computer I have built closely resembling the cheaper version in PC Advisor. It worked fist time, at least once I found out that the jumper on the hard drive was not as Maxor said, set at master.

I have bought a AM/FM/CD player for £23, A DVD/mpg/jpg player for £78, two 14" TV's for about the same price each.

Tonight I have been struggling a with tape recorder I bought from Dixons for £199 two years ago which will not let me eject the tape without a great deal of difficulty and has not automatically updated the clock so my timed recordings are chaotic. No, I think that the writing is on the wall for Dixons and the other similar companies as far as consumer electronics are concerned, Dixons and Co should concentrate on their PC Wold business and washing macines ect.

I go for the supermaket for radio, tv, recorders and even the £28 vacuum cleaners. I bought one so that my wife need not carry the Hoover Aquamaster upstairs. They even sell printer ink refills cheaper than Dixons, same brand.

What do YOU really think?

  Djohn 01:28 10 Jan 2003

wetterfugal I have to agree regarding the Supermarkets. Bought one of those electric sandwich toaster things. (Sorry can't think of the correct name), several weeks ago and I damaged it by my own clumsiness!

Phoned up to see if they had any more in stock, explained what had happened, their reply. "Bring it back Sir, we have a no quibble 3 year exchange or refund policy"

How do the smaller shops compete with that?

  wetterfugal 01:36 10 Jan 2003

I forgot to mension the support you get. I have taken an item back and the recipt, which was included with the groceries had been thrown away, it did not make any difference, "Just go and get another sir unless you would like a refund?"

  wetterfugal 01:42 10 Jan 2003

If they can sell a Vacuum Cleaner for £28 and give the wholesaler a profit who in tern can give the importer a profit and hence give a manufacturer a profit, what do they really cost?

I know that the workforce are payed a pittence in our terms but the pittance can buy much more in the originating counrty.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:21 10 Jan 2003

'I know that the workforce are payed a pittence in our terms but the pittance can buy much more in the originating counrty'....if you believe that you have never been to these countries. I have; never believe what the PR companies of Reebok, Nike etc. tell you.


  wetterfugal 17:02 10 Jan 2003

I too have spent some years in the far east and I know that a days pay for a personal servant cost no more than £2 (Early fifties) and this was above the the going rate.

I have not heard anything from Nike or Raybock's PR people but it is obvious if you look at the number of companies that get their goods made in the far east, the latest for example is Raleigh. whose works were closed down here in Nottingham just a few weeks ago. They said that they could not compete with far eastern imports so they are getting their designs made out there to keep in business.

  nangadef 17:21 10 Jan 2003

'I know that the workforce are payed a pittence in our terms but the pittance can buy much more in the originating counrty'.

What a load of rubbish!! I would like to see you earn c.£40 per month (if you're lucky) and buy a TV, PC, fridge etc etc, which all retail at prices equal to and sometimes higher than those in the UK.

Tell the truth - we all want to buy cheaply that's why companies are going to the third world. The only saving grace is that at least some people get work, even though it's at starvation wages.

  leo49 17:33 10 Jan 2003

"It is only us techies that see the worth of extended warranties."

I'm not sure you understand the point of that option...

  wetterfugal 18:35 10 Jan 2003


Let me quote from Gandaf's thread, "Never believe what the PR companies of Reebok, Nike etc. tell you"
And you have lost the thread, It is about the PC Advisor poll.


I am not sure that you understand what I understand.

The extended guantees are a way of making more money from the customer and a bonus for the sales person.

A techie would realise that. The average customer wants something pretty that works and does not understand that electronics are so reliable.

See my original post and read "Being a techie can have it's disadvantages, see later" This is where later starts.

  leo49 18:54 10 Jan 2003

Apologies - I was doing you an injustice by taking your words at face value. I well know the value to Dixon of extended warranties - the most recent figures I saw stated they accounted for 40% of profits.


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