5 MINUTES 00:37 19 Aug 2006

D's anyone agree with me that we need more fun articles and to give it a 21centry look. As I feel it's looking a bit dated and too serious. I love the mage but often feel it's to much aimed at business, and not people like myself who enjoy it for its value.

  sean-278262 01:03 19 Aug 2006

Maybe it is me. However I dont see this business look you are talking about. I see quite good reviews. Seen some reviews of hardware I have purchased and all seem quite fair. I dont see the suggestion you have about aimed at businesses. Yes they refer to things being ideal for the workman on the move and such but then a large amount of tech is purchased for these types of people.

In general PCA has always been quite broad in its suggestions, laptops aimed at businesses are reviewed in general with that in mind but home security is taken from a home point of view. In general it seems apt to me. Maybe I am reading the wrong articles.

Can you clarify what you mean a bit? Im sure FE will be here soon.

  €dstowe 06:52 19 Aug 2006

Perhaps PCA isn't the magazine for you.

PCA tries to be a serious publication giving a measured view on the world of computers at it is today.

If you want something with "more fun articles" perhaps Viz or The Beano might be suitable.

  Forum Editor 07:50 19 Aug 2006

certainly treats the subject of computing seriously. That's because our readers expect us to offer authoratitive advice, and provide guidance on how to improve their computing experience. We're not aiming at an exclusively business audience, although we know that many of our readers run small businesses, or work from home.

If you don't mind my saying so, there are contradictions in your comments. On the one hand you say you love the magazine, and "enjoy it for its value" and on the other hand you say that it's too serious, and "it's to(sic) much aimed at business".

It's always good to get feedback, but perhaps you could be more specific?

  Harpur 07:50 19 Aug 2006

possibly horrible science maybe. my 11 year old daughter loves it!

  anchor 11:44 19 Aug 2006


I am sorry, but I cannot agree with you. If I want a magazine with fun articles, there are lots on the shelves to choose from.

I don`t care of PCA does not have a 21st Century look, whatever that is.

  Forum Editor 12:02 19 Aug 2006

with a 21st Century look we were criticised for it - people complained that they found the pages confusing and (in some cases) unreadable.

I actually think that the magazine has never looked better.

  SB23 13:04 19 Aug 2006

I for one think that the mag is fantastic, the website is fantantic, and the software bundled with the mag is fantastic.
I get my magazine every month, (no haven't subscribed yet, but will), and can't wait to have a read once the kids are in bed.
I find it very informative, also a relief to find that its contents are exactly related to the reason for me buying it in the first place.

If I wanted fun, I'd pinch one of my kids mags.

  Cymro. 13:08 19 Aug 2006

I know that everyone wants to make a living, but just how can PCA justify charging as much as they do for their magazine. It is no use saying that other similar mags. are much the same price that doe`s not make it right. I for one just can`t afford to buy it and so use this sight for my computer gen.

  SG Atlantis® 13:33 19 Aug 2006



PCAdvisor+Business+Profit=Not a charity.

The mag is fantastic value btw for the £3.50 or whatever it is. (£19.99 6 months dvd)

No gripes about the magazine at all.

  €dstowe 13:41 19 Aug 2006

£3.50 = a pint and a bit at the pub - perhaps not even that much at a trendy bar.

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