PC Advisor Magazine Subscription

  Jimmy14 16:44 15 Oct 2006

I took out a subscription to the DVD edition of PC Advisors magazine in August. I used to buy it every month from Tesco but after I was getting a free copy of a past issue then 3 DVD issues for £1 I thought I'd take it. I registered and received a confirmation letter and all the rest. I received one issue of PC Advisor CD Edition when it was supposed to be the DVD edition in August to which I phoned up and the rather chripy customer service advisor from PC Advisor gave me an apology and said he would send a DVD Edition out straight away. I have still not received that DVD Edition from back in December. September comes and nearing the end of the month I still havn't got my next issue. I phone customer service and another man tells me the previous advisor hadn't properly changed my account from the CD Edition to DVD which was their mistake. I got told that he would send me the latest one out and it would arrive here in 7 days because I live up in Scotland. Still no sign of that issue. Phoned back up and this time it was a woman telling me that the man whom I spoke to before hadn't sent me out a DVD Edition and I told her "well he says that it was on its way to me". She says she was very sorry and she would definitely send it out. As that was last week I was speaking to that woman the 7 days is up tomorrow and if I don't get it tomorrow morning then I will have no choice but to cancel everything from them because I havn't had any PC ADvisor magazine for the last 2 months apart from the free one that was posted on here in a previous thread. I am quite fed up and annoyed and I would be better going back to buying it from Tesco although its more expensive in the long run. Tomorrow will tell.

  Jimmy14 16:45 15 Oct 2006

It's meant to say back in August sorry.

  spuds 16:51 15 Oct 2006

Drop an email to the Forum Editor, and ask if he can point this post to someone in the admin office. Might resolve the issue.

  Jimmy14 16:52 15 Oct 2006

thanks for your reply but do you not think I should wait till the morning to see whether it comes or not?

  Totally-braindead 16:53 15 Oct 2006

Novembers coverdisk was faulty. Phoned the number on the cover and was told that they only support subscribers. Sent an email to PCA asking them to change the wording on the coverdisk because of this and got an email back saying it was a mistake they should have just sent me a replacement disk as they do not just provide support for subscribers, they should help anyone with a faulty coverdisk.
Was told a replacement would be sent out. That was 10 days ago and theres no sign of my replacement yet, only 10 days I know might still arrive. I think these people on the phones aren't very experienced.

  Forum Editor 17:08 15 Oct 2006

if nothing happens, and I'll have a word with the person concerned.

  Jimmy14 17:09 15 Oct 2006

thank-you. I will post back in the morning after the post has been delivered.

  RickyC :-) 21:27 15 Oct 2006

Totally-braindead - If you don't receive the disc tomorrow, send an email to me directly, and I'll ensure one is sent out in the morning.

I'm sure a disc was sent, but as we do not send them registered post or recorded delivery, it's not possible to track their whereabouts.

By the way, as the AVG guys were on a press tour all last week, I haven't heard back from them regarding your question last week. I'll post back on the relevant thread when I hear from them.

Jimmy14 - please email me directly if nothing arrives in the morning. Providing your subscription has now been correctly set up, you should recieve your copy tomorrow at the latest.

kind regards


Cover Disc Editor

  Jimmy14 21:38 15 Oct 2006

thanks for taking an interest. I would just like to point out a couple of things,
1. My subscription was set up in August and I have received one copy of the magazine from August till today which was the wrong one (a CD version instead of DVD)
2.When you say I should receive my copy tomorrow at the latest I still want the last 2 copies I should have got because I regularly read the PC Advisor magazine and enjoy it. Although it was only £1 for 3 issues the money isn't the point here even though they were quick enough to take the money off then I get nothing.

  RickyC :-) 22:06 15 Oct 2006

Jimmy14 - I'll ensure you are sent the copies which are still outstanding. Please email me directly (click on the yellow envelope by my user name) and I will look into this for you.



  Totally-braindead 22:07 15 Oct 2006

Thank you CD Editor very good of you.

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