PC Advisor July 09

  user8 20:38 24 Apr 2009

On the front page of this months edition it states "Bonus DVD"
Does that mean their should be 2 DVD's with the issue?

  user8 14:27 25 Apr 2009


  tullie 14:49 25 Apr 2009

Would have thought that the dvd supplied would be the bonus dvd?Maybe im wrong though.

  Forum Editor 14:58 25 Apr 2009

but I know a man who will be, and I've emailed him for assistance.

  ronalddonald 17:52 25 Apr 2009

thoguht this month would be april or may issue?

  Stuartli 18:42 25 Apr 2009

Not with a monthly magazine - there are plenty of threads on this subject explaining why...:-)

  user8 12:33 28 Apr 2009

Just interested in case i'm missing out on anything!

  user8 09:57 29 Apr 2009


  ^wave^ 09:02 30 Apr 2009

if you look at the cover it has an arrow pointing at the dvd saying bonus dvd
maybe the cd is norm and dvd bonus
just a thought

  Managing ed 09:55 30 Apr 2009

...but he's on jury service (Richard, the software editor), so I will have to do.

Sorry for any confusion. ^wave^ has it. We say 'bonus' rather than 'free' because the DVD issue costs more than the CD issue, and so it feels slightly dishonest to call it 'free', although our rivals do so and, to be honest, we have done so in the past. (To further complicate things, sometimes we offer a free extra CD, and certain supermarkets will offer extra discs to incentivise people to pick up PCA [as if further incentive were needed].)

Subscribers always get the same (or better) selection of software, but we may put it all on a single disc, for posting and packing.

So in answer to user8's original question, you should have received a single DVD, with Ashampoo Magical Snap and nine other full programs on it (click here).

Again, sorry for any confusion.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  user8 13:20 30 Apr 2009


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