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  Trademark 16:52 22 Apr 2007

I see from other posts & threads i'm not alone in complaining about the lack of speed when accessing this site.
And that at the beginning of next month the new all improved site will be up & running.
But it would be nice to at least have this site running better.......or do you want to loose forum users for ever!

  Trademark 16:53 22 Apr 2007

Forgot to add i'm glad i dont pay to access this site.
If i did i would want my money back!!!!!

  Flak999 17:00 22 Apr 2007

You don't pay! This is a free resource for us all to use. Yes the site is slow at times, but it is worth putting up with because it is so useful.

It does seem somewhat churlish of you to complain! If it is that much of a problem, why stay? No one is forcing you to use it are they?

  Trademark 17:10 22 Apr 2007

Oh it's churlish to complain, argh yes that's why you accept a 2nd rate service.

  Quiet Life 17:12 22 Apr 2007

There is little doubt that this is the best site for computer forums. You only have to look at the number of postings compared with other magazine forums to see how popular PC Advisor is. The site speed is generally very good but there are peak times when it slows right down. It is usually worth the wait!

  jack 17:14 22 Apr 2007

It is like every thing else that is popular, that offer extremely good service, lots of people want to jump in.
Busy sidt, busy server lots of folk looking and asking things,and folk like us trying our best to accommodate you all.
Sometimes therefore there will be a queue

  Grambo 17:24 22 Apr 2007

Very occasionally i might have to wait a few minutes to access site. To say here is second rate is astounding. Full of excellent advice and has got me out of trouble too many times to mention. Trademark......i would even pay....but thats just between me and you :-)

  The Brigadier 17:58 22 Apr 2007

After the PCAdvisor MD mentioned that a new site was going on-line in May to sought out all the problems it ddoes seem that we are getting more 'down time'.

I dont think Trademark meant any offence to Anyone, but it is very annoying when it happens.

Grambo, just said the cheque to be instead!

  Forum Editor 18:36 22 Apr 2007

Really - is that how you see us?

You've been with us for five days, and you feel qualified to hold forth about the quality of our service!

We, on the other hand, have been here for over six years, and during that period we've collected over 200,000 registrations and resolved hundreds of thousands of computer problems.

Apart from our registered members this site enjoys traffic from vistors who come from all over the planet, mainly the result of Google searches. They can browse the forum without having to register, although they can't post. Have you any idea of the volumes of traffic that kind of audioence can generate at busy periods?

Our current server hardware isn't coping at peak times, and there are other factors which come into play - our company runs dozens of other websites, some of which are on the same server. We need to move onto a more powerful hardware platform, and we've taken steps to put that into action, but it isn't a five-minute job.

If you were paying for your access we would have more money for expensive servers, but you're not - you get everything here for nothing. Maybe when you've been around a little longer you'll realise just what it is we do here, and how well we do it. You won't find many computer forums as big as this one, or as helpful.

  961 19:01 22 Apr 2007

Remember, there really is no pleasing some folk

If he was asked to pay, he'd complain about that too

  J B 19:38 22 Apr 2007

The majority of members on this forum are a patient lot and let the site get on with the job of providing a "First Class" service.

Second rate service, are you having a laugh or what. If you think that way why are you here in the first place?

If by chance the above statement offends anyone that was not my intention, it just makes me cross that people make that kind of remark without some proper research under their belt first.

That's my opinion. J.B.

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