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  Carronade 12:29 26 Oct 2006

In the 30 minutes or so that I have been logged on to the Helproom and Consumerwatch forums my computer has received 114 cookies from "b.techadvisor.co.uk",expiring in early November or on 26/10/2007. I realise that these are 'trusted' sites, but

What purpose do they serve?

Why so many?

  anskyber 13:39 26 Oct 2006

It sounds a little odd to me. Try posting again in the Helproom but my first thought is for you to run a spyware programme like Spybot Search and Destroy.

  freaky 09:57 27 Oct 2006

I have raised this point before but got little response.

If you delete some/all then you have to go through the log-in procedure again.

I currently have 5 PCA cookies, never had 114 though.

Possibly the FE gets a bonus on the number of cookies the site distributes.....no offense FE !

Hi anskyber.

  Carronade 10:14 27 Oct 2006

Freaky, Just clicking onto the site to read your response has given me eight!, per "Cookie Pal".

  anskyber 10:29 27 Oct 2006

Not sure how you are set up in your browser. I am on IE7 but I have customised cookie control. Tools, internet options, privacy tab, Advanced. I select prompt for first party cookies (it settles down after you have done your regular sites) allow session cookies but block third party cookies.

It may help.

Hi freaky.

  freaky 12:04 27 Oct 2006

I am still using IE6 and have my Privacy settings at Medium.

It would appear that anskyber's post above using IE7 would help your problem.

Just had a quick look thru IE6 > Internet Options > privacy > advanced.....cannot see the 'prompt for first party cookies' mentioned.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:20 27 Oct 2006

They are harmless and not worth worrying about. They merely send ANONYMOUS surfing polls. Delete them weekly using Ccleaner click here


  Carronade 12:49 27 Oct 2006

Thanks all for your help - I was sure they had to be harmless but was surprised at their number.

GANDALF <|:-)> I use CCleaner but have stopped it from interfering with cookies. I lost too many that I rely on.

  beynac 13:54 27 Oct 2006

If you open CCleaner and click on 'Options' and then 'Cookies', you can select which ones you want to keep.

  Carronade 11:36 28 Oct 2006

Thanks,beynac. I'll do that.

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